Losing Weight In Every Area But The Belly

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SugarPie - February 16

I'm hoping that someone can throw out a bit of advice. I've been actively losing weight since the day of my last period. It doesn't make sense. I'm eating more. I'm not excercising and as many of you I'm going through every pregnancy symptom out there. I feel like I'm doing a million sit-ups every day with the level of soreness my belly muscles are feeling. Anyone who has been preggers can you tell me if you've been through this? Thank you in advance!!!


louise - February 16

you could be pregnant and feeling your expanding uterus quite sensitively.have you misseed a period. if you are late take a test to be sure.


SugarPie - February 16

Louise, thank you so much for responding. I actually missed two and a half months of a period. I had light spotting for two days over the weekend and almost thought it was a miscarriage, but went to the ER and they said it was definitely not miscarriage.. however my tests are still showing negative. One of the nurses had the audacity to ask me why I don't think I have the flu. For two and a half months I've been having the flu?! To say it was a miserable experience doesn't even begin to explain it. Nevertheless, I'm absolutely feeling flutters and my b___sts have grown almost almost two cups, my back hurts.. I'm just feeling flat out cranky and miserable. Not to mention the fact that I slept over 20 hours between yesterday afternoon and this morning. I have an appt with an ob/gyn next week. I just need lots of prayers and major baby dust. I feel like I'm going crazy.


MandyD to SugarPie - February 16

Hey SugarPie! Sounds like you may be pregnant. I'm in the same boat as you...I haven't had a period since Nov. I went to OBGYN last week and urine test was neg, pap was normal, but my bp was high...very unusual for me...it's always right at normal. She sent me for bloodwork the next day, and I haven't gotten results yet. I'm going to call tomorrow if I don't hear anything. I still have all the symptoms of being pg, and I'm getting more as the days go by. Looong list of symptoms. She didn't really say if she thought I was pg or not, but one of the tests she had them do was for thyroid problems. I'm sooo confused! She did ask for a blood test though, so I guess that's pretty accurate. However, I've seen from reading on here that several ppl have neg blood tests when they're actually pg. Hard to know what to believe ya know?! I just want some answers...this not knowing is torture! Especially when you ARE ttc...and have been since August. Thanks for listening! Baby dust & prayers to you!!!


SugarPie - February 16

Oh, Mandy!! You are totally in the same boat! The doctor that I saw in the ER took blood and of course it came up negative, and so she refused to give me an ultrasound. Sadly I had around two and a half bags of liquid in me and it still wasn't enough to fill my bladder so they sent me back for more and that's when the doc refused the ultrasound. She told me that she has never heard of a woman being pregnant in all of her years as a doctor when there's no hcg showing up in the blood. I asked her if they tested my hormone levels and she said no, but she did check my red and white blood count and they were perfect. I'm seriously shocked at how many women don't know they're pregnant!! Is it the food we eat? The vaccinations we've had? What is it for us to not know for weeks, months and some times the entire pregnancy. I'm so frightened that I'm either crazy or that I'm further along than I even believe. My body doesn't feel right. And it's embarra__sing, because I even showed the doctor the line that has started to form from my belly b___ton and down. It's getting darker too. She said nothing! Baby Dust***** and keep me posted!!


MandyD to SugarPie...again - February 16

Don't you just love when they say nothing at all?? At the VERY least, they could make you feel like you're not crazy and agree that you have some reason to believe you're pregnant! At least my dr told me she had no clue why I haven't been having periods, which is why she ordered the various blood tests. I just don't see any other reason for it, as I've always been regular. I've always had 28-30 day cycles, up until and throughout the time I was on BC. After I stopped (end of July) I went one month without a period, then had a normal one Sept, Oct & Nov...what in the heck could make me not have one all of a sudden!!?? I just don't understand! And I'm not convinced that I'm not pregnant...and don't know that I will be convinced until I have another period, which may be sooner than I want. She also put me on Prometrium, which is a progesterone pill designed to "jumpstart" menstrual cycles. So, after my 12th pill (I'm on #6 tonight) I should get AF within 2 weeks. If it doesn't come, I have to call her. I'm sort of worried...ONE, if I am pregnant, I don't want these hormone pills to hurt the fetus...TWO, if I don't get my period, and I'm really not pregnant, something is definitely wrong! Also, if I am indeed pg, my BP was high last week when I was at the dr, which I know is not good! I know what you mean about sleeping all day! I have a simple desk job for 6 hrs a day, and when I get home I feel exhausted! All I do is sleep now it seems like, and I'm still tired! My body is achy, I've been very dizzy this last week, I'm always naseous in the evening, I have the blue veins in my b___sts, heartburn & indigestion, and the list goes on! If I'm not pg, then I'm not, but I just want to know one way or the other. This is all so confusing! I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow after I call the dr to get my results (if they dont call me first). U keep me posted as well! U can e-mail me at [email protected] anytime if you'd like. Baby Dust right back at ya! XX


BUMP - February 17



SugarPie - February 17

Let me know what happens, Mandy. I have all of my fingers crossed for you! I actually started a new thread concerning women who have been waiting for weeks and months to find out whether or not they're pregnant. So check it out and tell me your thoughts when you get a chance! Much love****



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