Loss Of Appetite Please Help

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In Need of Help - November 30

I think I may be pregnant, but I have been so stressed out about the onset of my period coming that I feel that I have delayed it. My period is a few days late, and I have taken 2 urine pregnancy tests, both negative. My br___ts were sore for a day, then stopped (which usually happens before my period). I am not really abnormally hungry. I think I have a loss of appet_te because I am so stressed, I am not prepared to be pregnant right now. Is it common for pregnancy tests to be wrong on the first and second day a period should arrive? If conception were to have occured, it would have been about 12 days ago. Please respond with any feedback. My period can be irregular but usually not off by a few days. I'm tired of waiting!!


zuly - November 30

Stress can do that to you. wait 14 days after your period to take the test . it could have been to early for the test to pick it up.


vonda - December 1

not trying to upset you or anything, but a loss of appet_te is one of the symptoms early before you realize you are pregnant, but when your hungry you are hungry. i think you would have to take one of the top of the line pregnancy tests to find out early. sometimes things happen when we don't want it to, but God tends to prepare us, if you are pregnant just look at it as being a gift, well, it is a gift.


vonda - December 1

also, that has happened to me, I was too stressed and my period didn't want to come down, the doctor did a few test and prescribed me some meds to make it come down, so try not to worry. Go to the doctor and let him/her know what is going on.


Grandpa Viv - December 1

Intercourse 9 days before your period is due is not in the fertile window. If your cervical mucus is noticeable at ovulation time, and it had quit before intercourse, you are probably safe. Also, you would be telling us of several other early signs if you were pg. It sounds as though this is a new experience for you, which can stress out your cycle. Relax and go about your business. Like zuly says, take another test in a couple of weeks just for your peace of mind.



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