Lots Of CM At 11dpo

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blondie - August 18

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Camilla - August 18

Yep, me. And I just found out I'm pregnant. I read somewhere that lots of watery cm, might be a sign of impending AF, but lots of lotiony cm, can signal pregnancy. Well, I'm not really sure what mine is like, but I had it right from when I ovulated. I tested 11 dpo and got the two lines. Good luck to you Blondie!


blondie - August 18

well I am still getting bfn's :( here is my chart http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/c4214. which test did you use that you got the bfp at 11dpo?


Camilla - August 18

Well, the chart looks promising! I got mine with FR. (Measures 25 MiU). But it seems lots of ladies don't get BFP til a little bit later, even with the sensitive ones. Since you temp, you'll know though, won't you cuz you'd dip in the next few days, if you weren't preggo?! But so far so good. Hope your temps stay up, and the line shows double!


Gigi - August 19

Hi Blondie and Camilla :-) Well, I'm experiencing what you both described but just a couple of days after "o" - could it be possible to have such abundant amounts of lotiony so soon? DH and I bd-ed on 8/14 and 16, both considered to be very fertile days... it's only the 19th today but since we bd-ed I've an unusual amount of cm, much more than I ever get in a normal month. Could it be an early sign or way too soon for that to be a pregnancy symptom?


Camilla - August 19

Gigi, I hope it's good news for you. I had the exact same symptom, lots of cm, even after ovulation, whereas I normally dry up right away. The cm never went away and I'm now 4 weeks 5 days preggo. It was one of the first things I noticed. Tons of baby dust to you, and let us know if you do get BFP, it would be interesting to know if it's a sign for some women. (I already read a post from someone, who had that too, that was before I found out about myself.)


Gigi - August 19

Hi Camilla! Wow, that would be so exciting if it were my first symptom! It started right about "o"time, and if I were to describe it it's abundant, very "wet", clear, not thinck or sticky. Do you happen to know what causes this? Txs so much for your baby dust and happy 9 months to you!


Camilla - August 20

Well my cm sounds the same, not thick or sticky. I don't know what causes it, but I remember being confused after o. I knew I had o'd, but there was still all this wetness! I really don't know what would cause us to react immediately like that, right after fertilization I mean. Again, I hope it means the same for you. When are you going to test/due for AF?


Tig - August 21

You ladies made my day! I'm on CD 29 and I Ovd last week but since Thursday I've been having EW (globs) to lotion like discharge. I am so confused because could I be ovulating this late? (Never happened before) I'm cramping as well (not ovulation pains) but it may also be impending AF (due next Thursday). Anyway, I just wanted to share.


Chas - August 21

Blondie, did you test yet ??


Camilla - August 21

Tig, just wanted to wish you good luck. Sounds good! If you are on cd 29, when are you going to test? Do you have 33 day cycles then? I got BFP about 11 dpo. Baby dust to you, and everyone here.


blondie - August 21

Yeah I have tested a few times but all BFN, I am now at 14 dpo, here is my chart http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/c4214., temps went down today but still way above coverline, but looking like I will see AF tomorrow :(


Tig - August 21

Congrats Camilla, and I have a varied cycle. I went off the pill in Feb and since then they have ranges from 31 to 37 days long so I go by the latest date to see if I am late. I'm going to wait till then. Best of luck to all of you!


Grandpa Viv - August 21

Blondie, I saw that dip today and I'm going like "stay out of the gutter, ball". You are doing a great job charting. I like the HSC readings recently, which still make me say "you go, girl". Good luck!



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