Lots Of Symptoms Negative HPT

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minnie79 - December 4

Hello, I'm new to the forums. For the past 8 days I have been having a lot of symptoms--very tender nipples, extreme bloating (hurts to wear a bra or my regular pants), extreme fatigue (I get tired taking the 15 steps from my couch to my kitchen), slight nausea, mood swings, occasional twinges on my lower right side during exercise and when sleeping on my left side, small fever at night (always 99.2), and the feeling in general that I'm running on the warm side. My last period started Nov. 1, so today marks 33 days since then. I just got off the pill in July and have had two non-pill related periods since then, which were 66 days apart--I was irregular before the pill, often going 3-4 months with no period. I took a First Response HPT this morning when I woke up and it came out negative. Starting to feel like I'm going crazy--my PMS before the pill was never this bad or complex--anyone else feel the same???


minnie79 - December 4

Forgot to mention, also experiencing extra saliva and having to get up in the middle of the night to pee--like clockwork!!


b__terfly kisses - December 4

Welcome minnie! Are you trying to conceive?


minnie79 - December 4

My husband and I are ttc--this is only our second month of trying. With my irregular cycles we weren't sure how long it would take to conceive and it is hard to determine when exactly I ovulate, but we keep trying!


b__terfly kisses - December 4

Hey I'm not really good at it, but if for some reason this isn't the month for you, there are some girls here that would be able to help you start charting on fertilityfriend.com to find out when you ovulate... however, you do have promising symptoms... it stinks to get the bfns and no af because it is a time when everything is up in the air... so I feel your pain... do you feel any signs of ovulation at all?


minnie79 - December 4

I did have this one day, about two weeks ago Wed., that I felt super hot--I was sweating just walking around normal, let alone exerting myself! I've heard that a woman's bbt goes up during her fertile time--so maybe that was when I ovulated?


lastchance - December 4

My temp, in the evening -at around 6:30pm- has been 99.3-99.0, but normally I run a temp below 97.... af is due a day ago....but nothing...


minnie79 - December 5

Update...got an appointment for Friday at the Doctor, but from the info I got from the receptionist, I'm going to have to persuade the Dr. to get a blood test (does this sound crazy to anyone else?). The receptionist actually accused me of reading her a list of symptoms off the internet b/c I wanted to talk to a Dr and get a blood test, even though I had a negative HPT. !!! I complained to her supervisor about those comments! I was in tears--she is NOT a doctor nor does she have the right to tell me that I'm not feeling what I'm feeling!! As far as symptoms, I'm getting some cramping now and backache and b___bs are starting to feel heavier. Also noticed that I'm getting a few more stray facial hairs than I used to have--and they are all getting darker! Today is CD 35--going to test again on CD 37, the morning of my Dr's appt. How is everyone else out there?


minnie79 - December 6

Dr.'s office called to confirm my appt tomorrow. Excited and nervous. I hope I don't have too much trouble getting the Dr. to give me a blood test. Felt dizziness for the first time yesterday and it was NOT fun! Today I feel better than yesterday (less bloating, fatigue, etc.) which scares me too b/c it makes it all that much easier to believe the negative HPT from this morning. Should be an interesting day tomorrow!! :D


minnie79 - December 7

Had my Dr.'s appt. She did a urine test of her own--negative. Dr. won't do a blood test yet. She did a physical exam and said everything felt normal, uterus not enlarged. She did tell me to wait another week for my period and if it doesn't come, to take another HPT. If it is negative, and period doesn't come for another week or two beyond that, she wants me to come see her again. She thinks it might be an odd cycle for me or that I may still actually be pregnant, but it is too early to tell. More waiting then. Yay. :-(


lastchance - December 7

I hate waiting... and odd cycles.. I am 4 days late today, and took a home test 2 days ago and got BFN.... crazy... id its not a baby, then I really want to know what is going on... waiting to test again.... maybe Monday, when I hit one week late I will test...


b__terfly kisses - December 7

minnie... ugh! it pains me that docs can be that silly... my doc won't even let anyone come in for a preg check w/o a blood test first!


minnie79 - December 8

Strangest thing happened to me last night---I got this overwhelming feeling of contentment and felt all doubt leave my mind about whether I was pregnant or not. I feel 100% that I am pregnant. I also got this very strong feeling that it is a boy. I told my husband and he just laughed and asked me how I could possibly know either of those things and I told him I couldn't prove them yet, but I just know!! :D


minnie79 - December 8

If I ovulated when I think I did (~Nov. 20th) and the pains I felt on my right side on Nov. 30th were implantation pains and with my cycles averaging somewhere around 33 days, I would only be 4 weeks, 4 days pregnant, which means I may be testing a little too early, like the Dr. said. Going to order a box of tests online (so much cheaper!!) and start testing mid-next week, which would be when I'm "officially" one week late for my period. I can hardly wait to finally have a positive to show my husband and my doctor. :-)


Grandpa Viv - December 8

You have me convinced with your list of signs! I agree with your doc that there is no reason to do a blood test yet. hCG doubles every few days and if you are pregnant you will eventually get a positive and do your bit to keep health costs down. Quite a few women do not get apositive pee testuntil 2 weeks late, and few even later. Start on the prenatal vitamins, just in case! Good luck


minnie79 - December 8

Grandpa Viv, Thank you so much for your kind and wise words! I have been taking my prenatal vitamins, drinking plenty of OJ, and trying to take it easy when I exercise.


b__terfly kisses - December 8

Minnie! My dh has that contentment feeling about me and that I'm preg and it's a girl! Dang, are you guys related? LOL



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