Low Abdomen Pain

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MIsty - September 8

I am 4 days late and had a negative preg. test on day 2. Most of the day yesterday I experienced sharp tight pains in my lower abdomen area...all the way across. Has anyone experienced this as a pg symptom?


hyde - September 6

if u r pregnant, the discomfort u may be feeling around abdominal area r caused by the uterus stretching to accommodate the developing embryo. But if your pains r really bad, i think u should really go to the doctor to have it check out n make sure it's not any serious medical complications. Take care. N as for the negative pregnancy test, u may be too early for the pregnancy to register on your test. Wait for another week, if u still don't have your period by then, test again.


Misty - September 6

Thanks for your response. I know when I ovulated and I usually start 14 days later, so this delay is of course making me hope. I have no other symptoms except the lower tummy pain. I try to keep myself busy to not think about it! I see your name on a lot of message boards...are you a nurse of some sort or just well-read?


hyde - September 7

i'm just a obgyn medical student. came across this website by chance. noticed a lot of posts with people screaming for answers but no one seems to answer them. just trying to help in any way i can.


misty - September 7

thats awesome. thanks. like your own little ministry. I still haven't started- wierdest thing ever. Is it normal for hcg levels to be low for a week after period due?


hyde - September 8

hcg is released into blood n urine after the fertilised egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus (about 8 - 10days after conception). I don't know if this answers your question, but yes, if you are pregnant, the HcG level is still low a week after the period is supposed to be due. but there can be a few reasons for this. 1st, u may have ovulated late, implantation will be late as well, so HcG will be too low to detect early. 2nd, HcG level in body varies from women to women, some women will continue to have low HcG level till they are in their 12th week. That is why some women have problems with blood n urine test n won't show positive till they r late into their pregnancy. N for some others they will continue to have low HcG throughout their pregnancy n yet give birth to healthy babies. but of cos they'll require special monitoring from their obgyn. N that is also the reason why some women will opt for a transv____al ultrasound to scan for the embryo/baby if the blood/urine test fails n they r still psoitive that they r pregnant.



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