Low Progesterone Or Luteul Phase Defect

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kelly607 - May 19

Hi, I have been thinking I have a problem for quite a few months now concerning my AF's. Every month after I O I normally start to spot around 8dpo this month with no exception!!! I have voiced my concerns to my doctor who said that it is highly unlikely to be a hormone imbalance and has referred me for a scan for PCOS. I know my Dr is the professional however from looking at various websites it looks to me like it is more likely to be low progesterone or a luteul phase defect. Has anybpdy had either of these and if so do your symptoms sound similar to mine??? Thanks for reading :o)


Naomi98 - May 19

Why would it be highly unlikely to be hormonal? Early spotting is a cla__sic sign of low progesterone. The only way to be sure is to have a blood test at 7dpo. Your levels should be over 10ng/ml. I had the same problem, spotting between 8 and 10dpo and luteal phase of 11-12 days. My progesterone test came back a bit low (8.3) so I've been prescribed duphaston tablets to take after ovulation. Since I started taking it, my luteal phase has increased to 14-15 days and no spotting til at least 12dpo! Ask for the test - at least then you'll know. In the meantime, take vitamin B6 supplements - that can really helps with production of progesterone. There are a few other women on here with the same problem so maybe they can give you more advice. Good luck!


kellywall - May 19

Hi Kelly, I agree with Naomi about early spotting. I have the same thing and my doc said it was LP defect and I am on 100mg of prometrium. I started last cycle. I would always spot at 8dpo and last month I got to 10dpo with a small amount of spotting. Do you chart or use OPK's. Some docs are really supportive about LP defect but some don't even believe it exists (so my doc tells me) The thread Progestrone Posse is great and very supportive...come on over and share some thoughts....we all have short LP...ask questions or if nothing else it's a great support. There are only a couple of us and really great girls. Good luck and loads of baby dust.


redapplela__sie - May 19

ahh....I see there are simlarities to this thread and one I just posted about spotting and "different cycles" after m/c thanks maybe I'll head over to the other forum to get some advice.



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