Lower Abdominal Pain

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sonia10 - June 20

I have a question on lower abdominal pain. I have been experiencing lower ab pain since about 5dpo. It is not focussed on one side. I tested bfp on 16dpo, but haven't called the doc yet. I want to test again in a few days and make sure before I make an appt. I still have ab cramps, a sort of pinching feeling. It's not unbearable, but it's noticable. I have been reading about ectopic pregnancy and and am now worried. Is this a normal early pregnancy sign or should I be concerned? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Gabster - June 20

I too am feeling pain on my lower right side.. I dont know how many days past O I am but I know I got my period on the first and since the 12 of this month I have had a few days of pain on my lower right side. I have tested BFN, but the dr said it might be too soon to test for me. If I were you I would go to the dr and let them test you and you may even have a sonogran to see if you do have an ectopic pregnancy. I know you may be scared but you have to go see the Dr.


sonia10 - June 20

Thanks Gabster. My pain is not on one side and is not constant. It's currently gone. I guess I will make an appt tomm.


Rhonda - June 20

Some pain in early pregnancy is normal,long as it is not severe.Ectopic pregnancies you usually have bleeding about a week or more after you miss your period.And your pain would get alot worse.Then you would start to have shoulder pain,faintness,dizziness,maybe vomiting.And it would be on one side only.I dont think you have reason for concern.I beleive you are feeling just normal pregnancy pain.Congrats.


JessicaC - June 20

I also have read that women don't test positive when they have ectopic pregnancies. I could be wrong, but that is what I've seen.


sonia10 - June 20

Thanks ladies. I was hoping to wait for a week after af is due to test again and then visit the doc. I have been very bloated, which I guess adds to abdominal pain. Oh and the hunger and nausea!



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