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mandie - August 17

Finally I started at 3 am this now i have cramps like i'm having hurts sooooooooooooo bad...but i'm glad that i did finally start, cause i haven't been sleeping at all these past 3 days,feels like i'm dying over here...I quit smoking so now my chest hurts....starting to have panic attacks again cause i'm worried, but now that af has showed it's one less thing to worry about....wooohoooo.....Oh and this thread is dedicated to Beth and hopefully getting her BFP...heeeheee


mandie - August 17



dea - August 17

checking in mandie and girls-- later!


Camilla - August 17

Hey all. No fascinating signs to report. How is everyone? Mandie, sorry about all the pain, but finally, finally you can start again. Congrats on quitting smoking, that's so great. Beth, so sorry about your dh, that must be so frightening!! How is he now? Pattie, have the temps been up all the time, with no dips? I always think that's a good sign. I'm thinking about this whole tri-phasic thing, you know when some women get temps that go up even further, when they are pregnant. Well, some women get it, not all, so I was just wondering. I really hope you stay with us, you are the one who started this thread, the original poster..don't leave... Even better get that BFP! CM all the same as before? Dea, have a fantastic trip to the Bahamas, and tell us all about it. Tiki, how are you feeling?? We're thinking of you. Jodie, any news? Mel..your big day...Well girls, talk to you all soon, C.


bump - August 18



Pattie - August 18

Hey girls, found you and checking in. 11 dpo for and just waiting now. Wow, Cruise, I wish I could go. MANDIE, honey you ok? I was surely hoping for you. Panic attacks? Do you have them frequently? Tell you why when you answer back. Where is everyone else? Check in later tonight, have a great day girls.


Mandie - August 18

Pattie, i use to have them alot but not anymore.I think it's been about a year since i had one...


Camilla - August 18

Pattie, are you going to test at all, or are you going to wait til you're late? What are your temps doing? Oh, and please could you give us the website address you talked about (you know for the book you made for hubby). It sounded like a really cool gift. Baby dust to you and all.


Beth - August 18

Hi Mandie, thanks that was really nice of you! :-) Sooo you finally got it...girl I'm happy you did, but still so concerned, it sucks not to have straight answers, right? At least you can try again right? I should be getting my AF next week. Bbs been hurting since Oday...uggh. A nurse contacted me and told me that chances are the HSG I had was done wrong and my tubes spasmed, so I have much hope. I will try it again in a couple of months. Camilla, thanks for asking about DH, he is well now, neck still tight a bit, but it was very scary and for a moment when he was in my arms I feared, what if he was dying for real, oh I just couldn't bear it, I was not ready, what a wake up call! My DH and I are such good friends and truly enjoy each other's company, I just couldn't imagine life without him... thank goodness it was just his neck muscle! By the way, I do have CM, but nothing to write home about, other than that those are my signs. More to follow later, take call all ~DUST~ ^_^


Melanie - August 18

Yaaaay! Happy ultrasound! 1.1cm and 140 bpm heartbeat. It was pretty amazing to see that heart beating away! What a relief! Beth, yikes, that does sound scary....hope it's an easy fix for dh!


Beth - August 18

Big high-five for Melanie! Glad to hear baby is doing well, always a relief to hear and see baby's heartbeat! Thanks for well wishes too! Dea, Pattie, Mandie, Jodi, and Tiki, thinking about you guys and wishing you well! ^_^ Wishing us all more baby dust!


bumpo - August 19



Camilla - August 20

Mel, so nice to hear about your good u/s. It's so rea__suring to see the heartbeat, and makes it all the more real..Pattie, you are 13 dpo today, what's going on girly? We are thinking of you, please keep us updated. What are the temps doing?? Do you normally have AF 14 dpo? Beth, sounds good about what the nurse said, so let's all cross fingers for you. I can't remember, how many dpo are you? Cm sounds good! Dea, hope you are having a good vacation..Tiki, are you still reading this? Are you okay? Mandie, you're into the new cycle?! Are you going to use o-strips, or temp? Hope this cycle is a more normal one, and ends in BFP. Well about me, I'm ok. A bit queasy, that's it. Tested y/day again (just to make sure) and result line is much darker than test line now, so that can't be bad. Well girls, hope to hear from you, C.


Pattie - August 21

Well girls, today is Sunday, and AF showed up on Saturday. Knew she was coming by the temps. How anyone else doesn't know its coming if you temping, is beyond me. It drops so suddenly and so low. Im ok, I guess. DH said throw out that stuff and lets just have s_x like we used to, not all planned and everything that goes along with the "lab" of science. He said we will continue until I turn 43 and that will be in Feb. So, the old chick is still hangin around girls. Yeah. The name of the website for the book I did for DH was and the website for the Romance Novel DH did for me MELANIE - I loved that part so much. If you have never experienced it before, it the most awsome thing to see. Happy, Happy for you, feel good honey. Panic attacks, I have had them for about 7 years now. It started before my divorce and then got worse and worse. I actually have a heart monitor on to see the frequency of it. They say it is just the panic attacks. I know it doesn't stop me from getting pregger, because I got pregg. in Nov.04. That's why I asked. Hope all are doing and feeling well. Have a great day and talk to you all tonight or tomorrow.


Camilla - August 21

Pattie, I am sorry about AF, but so happy you are still with us. I think dh has a really good att_tude. Out with all the mod cons, and in with the old, so to speak. Making love is great, so much better than having s_x with a o-strips..:-) I really know you have a chance, it's just a matter of time. Did I think this was the month? Nope. We'd been ttc for 6 months. At some point you think why should this month be any different? But then, for some reason it is. I believe, that the fact that you've been so fertile in the past, is definitely going to help you now. Maybe not as soon as you want it to, but you have a headstart, because you know you can get pregnant. I think if fertilty slows a teeny bit, but you come from a high fertile base, you're going to fare better, than if you slow, from a not-so-fertile base. Do you see what I mean? Hang in there. You know we are here, always with words of encouragement!! Thank you for your website addresses. I'll have a look at them after this. Mandie, what's up girl? Normally you keep us all going here. Are you okay? Well girls, things are fine, 5 weeks today. Wish I was already 15 and going strong. Warm wishes to all, C.


Mandie - August 22

Hello everyone!!! I had a busy weekend.Went to go see a waterfall here in Illinois and some cool caves which there is a whole city underground a few miles from know it was so cool......well as for me i am officially over with af, i only have it for 5 days,lucky me....Pattie sorry about af, maybe next month? I'm not going to temp or use o strips, i think maybe in about a week i'll try the every other day bding again and trying to check for cm...i know at the end of march beginning of april i had the ewcm..but i didn't know at the time thats what it was..hubby and i fooled around and i just thought that i had a really good orgasm...hahahahahaha...but last month when i was checking i didn't have it at i dunno...Where is everyone else at? It seems like we are losing alot of girls on here......


Camilla - August 22

Mandie, good to hear from you. The caves and waterfall sound beautiful. It's nice to get a break sometimes, and go off on a trip. About bd'ing every other day, I've read bd every other day, until you get to the last 4 days before o and then every day. But when I got preggers, we actually did it twice a day, on two of those four crucial days, so no matter what is sometimes said, that seems to work too. I figure if it truly reduced the sperm count reliably, then we could just all have s_x twice a day as a form of birth control. :-) Anyway good luck to you. Well girls, keep us posted how you're all doing...C.



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