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shelly - October 29

hi all,can any1 give me any info about the luteal phase im not sure exactly what it means,i have a 26 day cycle when i went to 1 of the preg sites and did the ov calculator it was doing an average luteal phase of 14 days and im not sure when u have to count to or from in ur cycle 2 determine the luteal phase ,ive worked out that i seem to ovulate early as its taken a while to get to grips with the ov tests lin ewas dark very early,about 7 days after af and i missed the boat this month so when ive been working out ov day with my cycle ive been put in luteal p as 14 days but i realise this could b completey wrong and im get confused with it,this site is fantastic,ive found out so much info that i could never have found out otherwises and every1 very supportive so if any advice on the luteal p would b appreciated ,thanks


Lynette - October 30

Shelly, your luteal phase is just the number of days from when you ovulate until af arrives. If you are opk'ing, take a note of when it's positive and then count how many days until af starts. That is your luteal phase. It can be between 10 and 17 days long, but is constant for each woman, so if yours is 15 then it will always be 15, does that make sense? When you say you ovulated 7 days after af, did you mean after af finished or started? Because day 1 is the first day of af. Let me know if I've just confused things even more for you and I'll try to be more coherent (lol!). Take care!


shelly - October 30

hi lynette ,thanks 4 reply,yes 7 days from the 1st af day,so when i ovulate this month ,trying to get to grips with the tests lol the 1st time i try i was looking at the thickness of the lines as well and i was thinking mine is not looking like that test line even tho the colour was very similar so i missed it and then when we did bd it was never as dark as that day a complete novice at this as soon as af has finished i will stsrt ov testing from maybe day6 just 2 b on safe side so i dont miss it again and the 1st day it goes dark will count from there to af,i think i was rely to much on the average days that the preg sites show and not watching 4 own body signs thanks lynette may need some more advice from u when i do the basal temps read some stuff about it but trying to work out the right days is enough 4 me at the moment lol x


Lynette - October 30

Hi Shelly! Good luck with it all. Those ov sticks were a lifesaver for me because I found out I actually ovulate on about day 18. So I'd been bd'ing like crazy up til day 14 and then having a "rest". As for when you count ovulation from, I'd probably count day 1 as the day after your positive opk, because the positive indicates ovulation in the next 12-36 hours, so the day after would be more likely. Other than that, you sound like you have it all under control :-). I didn't do temps (I wanted to but after 3 days getting exactly the same temp I realised the thermometer was broken!) but hopefully you'll be as lucky as me and get pregnant after a couple of months of opks! Take care :-)


shelly - October 30

thanks lynette ,its amazing how the ov times differ from one person to another isnt it,thank goodness i found this site,am glad no af 4 u 4 9 months,how far along r u,is this ur first,my son is 9 so its been a long while 4 me i a__sumed it would b so easy but i suppose my age is a factor now im 35,im glad u said about count from the day after,ive written it all down now will hope 4 the best,how long were u try 4,will let u know how i get on,take care x


Lynette - October 30

Shelly, I had a miscarriage in January (first pregnancy) and had been trying again from about April. Then wasted a couple of months with not knowing ovulation, so I guess reeeally, only about 3 months til I conceived (August) using the sticks and also Preseed lubricant (it's sperm-friendly and makes the little fellas last even longer). I'm now 12 weeks along and I have a word of warning for you... when you are over 34 (I'm 34 now) your chance of having twins increases - and that's what has happened to me!! Good luck to you - I'm sure you will be pregnant before you know it :-)


shelly - October 31

hi lynette oh my ur having twins congratulations,theres twins on my side,sorry to hear about ur miscarraige,its upsetting isnt it im frustated about the few months ive waste thro not knowing ov,so ur 12 weeks ur nausea should get better soon ,i had awful nausea with my son but after it had gone food just tasted fantastic,i will get some of that preseed lub 2m and the ov tests i wasnt going to test yet but just in case im one of those who ov during af.dont know what hd will think of that lol,must b amazing knowing ur having twins,what did u think when u found out,so im just wait 4 ov now then can get bding,i wish it wasnt so to order but what can u do,so i hope u taking it easy and putting ur feet up let me know how ur getting on and double congrats again ,ive been conned by my son to go trick or treat 2n but hes 2 scared to knock on the doors so i end up doing it lol take care.


Lynette - October 31

Hi Shelly! I think your plan to start your "sticks" early is a good one. And start bd'ing as soon as you can too - remember especially with the Preseed, the sperm can survive up to 3 days easily, so have lots of the little suckers in there waiting for the egg release won't you (lol!). We bd'd every second day and then when I got the +opk bd'd that day and the next 2 (just to make sure). I know making it all methodical takes a bit of the fun out of things, but as I said to my husband - we enjoy bd'ing, and we want a baby, so why not do what we enjoy at times that will give us what we want?! I was amazed at the 8 week scan when we saw we were having twins! I had had a big bleed the night before I was due to have my scan - bright red, heavy, with a clot! for about 5 minutes. I was absolutely sure we'd just lost the pregnancy and was petrified going into the scan. I thought - oh well, they'll confirm the miscarriage and I'll take it from there. So when they said not only had I not miscarried, but there were TWO babies - well... you can imagine how we felt!! The bleeding was apparently from a burst cyst on my ovary. I had another scan yesterday (because I'd spotted over the weekend and was worried) and they are happy, wriggly little beans and I am VERY relieved right now! I don't know why, but I have a feeling you will be pregnant very soon - I have my fingers crossed for you and am sending you double-strength babydust ***+**+*+*+***+** Take care! :-)


shelly - November 1

hi lynette thanks make it triple strength lol i hopeso 2.,that blood must have frighten u,any blood is scary isnt it,and ur 12 weeks so the wriggly beans are firmly embedded now lol and u can relax more now,will u want to know the s_xes of the babys,i did with archie my son ,i loved being pregnant,how are u finding it,apart from ur bleed, and at least they knew what had caused it,i remember spotting with archie now and again and panicked and it was never anything,how often are u going to c the midwife so when u feel them kicking they ll b 4 little feet in there,how r u feeling in urself,r u getting a belly yet,lynette i cant get any preseed lub i looked in 3 chemists 2d and they just had the usual ones ,do u think they do it in the uk .the chemist i went to was next to where i work and it was packed in there so i didnt off work 2m so i will go to a bigger branch c if i can get any ,i did an ov test 2d,not show surge yet so will try again 2m and will b bding like crazy,i love the term bd its excellent,i dont mind this part its after ov and the wait thats awful,never mind will get there soon,take care lynette and remember 2 eat for 3 lol x


Lynette - November 1

Shelly, you are right the 2 week wait is the worst! There is a funny site that lists some tongue-in-cheek ways to pa__s the time. It is (if any "-" appear in that, leave them out!). I will find out what s_xes they are. I most likely would have for 1 but definitely for 2! People say it spoils the surprise, but I reckon 20 weeks is waaay long enough for a surprise ;-). I got my Preseed on-line. I would give you the address but it's in Australia (where I am) so wouldn't be much use. Just google it and I'm sure you'll find a supplier. I have to warn you it is expensive, but worth it if you have a problem with poor quality cm. Maybe try au naturelle this month and if no luck order some for next month. My first appointment is on the 9th so I'll find out then how often they need to see me. It's good to know that you had spotting with your pregnancy and it was all okay. Thanks for that info - helps me relax (a bit ;-) ). Well, do keep me up to date with your progress - and keep a pillow by the bed to put under your hips after bd'ing to help the little fellas find their way. I know some people poo poo this idea, but that's what I did so who can say? - Can't hurt anyway :-) Take care!!


shelly - November 2

thanks lynette,i went on that website,it was funny ,every month after ov i say to myself i wont think about it but i cant help myself,yes ive done the pillow under the hips to guide them in lol,ov sticks arent show a surge yet,this trying to get preg lark isnt cheap is it but its worth it if it works,i found a site 4 preseed ,if nothing happens this month will order some online,theres loads of sites on it and some suppliers throw in free pg tests,so i think maybe see surge 2m or friday so may start bd soon as they can survive cant they 4 few days,am still count to find luteal phase,i wish id started tracking af long b4 we start bd ,i was talking to my sister in law who finally conceive on 3rd go of ivf after 7 years of trying but am not going to think about all that,u c so much in the papers about how women r leave it to late and stuff,makes u a bit panicked,am put a lot of faith in these ovs sticks,so ur from australia i bet the weathers nice there,its awful here dark by 5 oclock and rainy,so u got ur appointm soon i hope ur spotting calm down now,i seem to remember spotting also around what would b af time,i saw the twins site here have u been on it,theres so many different forums ,the net opens up a whole new world dosent it.getting frustrated waiting 4 ov still am taking my folic acid and eating lots of broccolli even tho i find it yuck lol ,i was reading about some women dont ov and realese an egg every month i stop reading it as i hope im not 1 of them,anyway take care and let me know how ur getting on and i hope hope hope i can get bding soon i need my purple line lol x


Lynette - November 3

Yes Shelly, definitely bd lots now even before your purple line (lol!). You are right - they last up to about 3 days so get a heap of little spermies ready and waiting for the release of the egg! Yes, I've stopped spotting now, thanks - and am feeling more and more confident as time pa__ses. Yes, I've been on the twins site but it's very slow, with only a few posts each day. I feel bad being on here sometimes because I read posts from people who don't think you should post on "signs" when you are already pregnant. But I feel comfortable here (because I've been posting on here for about 8 months now!) and I like to help where I can. Australia is warming up, I must say - are you in England or somewhere? Don't think about your sister and the ivf. You will be fine. You have proven you are fertile by having a child before, and you are only 35 - I think when they say women leave it too late it's more like early-mid 40's. Anyway, my Mum had me when she was 43, so I'm pretty optomistic in that way. Good on you taking your folic acid. One thing I saw in my scan was that both little spines are absolutely perfect and I was like "oh, that's because I've been taking my supplements for a year!" I'm impressed with your broccoli intake - the thought of veges at the moment makes me gag! I've been drinking vege juice so I get some serves in. Lol about reading too much on the internet - my husband has banned me after I started stressing about everything from pre-eclampsia to vanishing twin syndrome! A little information in the hands of a paranoid woman can be a very unsettling thing ;-). So... step AWAY from the internet, okay? (except here of course!). So bd days for you coming up on the weekend - what great timing - make it all lovey-dovey and romantic and enjoy yourselves, won't you? Take care! :-)


shelly - November 3

hi lynette i think its a good thing u posting now bec uve got all the signs and it helps people uve definatly helped me a lot,yes im from east london,where abouts are u in australia,it must b very early in the morn there now as its nearly 6 evening here,the scan pics r lovley r ent they to look at and try to make out what is what on them.i finish af yest noticed some browny discharge 2dhopefully that might signal start of ov still no surge but last month was show surge on 7th day which is 2m so hoping 2m,does the ov always come at the exact same time every month like the luteal phase ,this will b our 3rd month tcc.feel so sad on some of the posting when women been ttc 4 months and months,yes internet sometimes to much info and can scare u ,weve only been online for about 4 months so its still a source of wonder to me,with the ov sticks did u notice a gradual darkening or just faintness then a definate surge,mine is still faint,but we l bd whatever it comes up 2m,i cant get the hang of the mucus stuff im not sure when its supposed to be clear or stretchy lol,did u go on any of the fertility friends type sites when u were trying to work out dates,i feel bit redundunt until ov i liked the feeling of thinking i was preg even when i wasnt everything ok about the burst cyst now.will u b able have usual delivery with twins ,i had caeserean with archie in the end bec it wasnt happening so had no pain at all just was sore afterwoods,my hubby wants me to have no drugs in labour ,yeah right lol,i said a start would be get pg first,anyway take care of yourself hope ur putting ur feet up x


Lynette - November 3

Shelly, it is only the luteal phase that remains constant- that's why sometimes people have a late period and think they are pregnant - they may have just ovulated later than usual and so period is delayed. For me, I don't have much in the way of cm - I NEVER get the stretchy kind - so I really relied on the ov sticks (and the Preseed). You have to be persistent though - the first month I bought a kit from a chemist with only 5 tests in it, and I tested day 12-16. I never got a positive and put myself through hell thinking I had stopped ovulating etc. Then I bought some online (much cheaper and you can get heaps more of them for the same price as the expensive chemist ones) and tested everyday from day 10. I was despondent when I got to day 17 and still hadn't ovulated (I didn't even get a faint line!) and it was almost crying that I did the test on day 18 - and it was POSITIVE! I'll tell you now - a positive opk makes for some awesome bd'ing ;-)! We didn't get pregnant that month, but it felt so good to know I was just a late ovulater. Other months I got a faint line before getting the positive, but you can't really rely on it getting darker daily, because it reacts to the hormone that is released just at the time of ovulation, it's not "built up" as such. Sometimes there is a bit in your system, and that's when you get a fainter line. I live in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, on the east coast of Australia. We are having a lovely drizzly day - we SO need the rain! As for Fertility Friend, I joined up, then tried to do the temping thing, but as I think I said before, the thermometer was broken, so I didn't do any more. Anyway, if you are using the ov sticks, they are more accurate than any chart, I think. Plus temping only tells you after you have ovulated, which is useful for working out your cycle long-term, but not for that particular month. Yeah - stick to the sticks I say ;-). I haven't had any more trouble with the cyst thanks - apparently they are quite normal in early pregnancy and then they fix themselves over a couple of months. At my scan last week they couldn't see anything there, so that's good! I will probably have a caesar - my 3 sisters have all had terrible birthing experiences (all would have died from haemorrhaging etc) and also, with twins there is a big possibility that the second one will be in the wrong position, so I won't risk it. As for no drugs in labour (!!!!) I think it's totally your decision - it's nice in theory but I'm sure that if men had babies they'd have invented a drug by now that they could take as soon as they had their first contraction and lasted until after the birth!! Anyway, I sure have rambled on now, haven't I?! Have a great day (or night!) and we'll chat again soon :-)


shelly - November 4

hi lynette,how r u 2d,ur not rambling,enjoy reading ur posts,i did a test this morn,i know ur supposed to wait and do it at the same time every day but im scared of miss the surge,how long does it show up 4 in the surge,was counting on it being roughly the same as last month which is 2d but its slightly fainter than yest,i think i will do as u did and order online if nothing happen this time,i got 7 tests but ive only got a couple ld eft,where u used to ov later did u differ by a day or 2 on some months,its good that ur have a c section much safer and and ul know the exact day as well,yes men would definatly have thr drugs loll,i seem to have a low threashold 4 pain,i had pethadine and epidural then they did c section anyway,so how are u feeling,any aches or pains,am going try a test bit later 2d and hope that i get my surge or maybe will b 2m,im off to work soon dont fancy it 2d,could quite easily stay in bed all morning lol,r u working now,if so when will u have to stop,hopefully when i next talk to u i will have my surge,i think its hiding from me lol,take care,will chat to u soon x


Lynette - November 6

Hi Shelly! Any sign of the surge yet? I never checked in the morning - something about the hormone that gets detected only building up during the day, so the reading is only reliable from about 2pm onwards (til about 8pm). I seemed to ovulate around day 18, one month it was 17 though. It's funny, I never knew much about my cycle - I was on the pill for years, then got pregnant after 2 months off it, then miscarried, and then my cycle took a bit to get "into the swing", so it turns out I have about a 32 day cycle, and I never knew! I work as a secretary, so I should be able to keep working until about 33 weeks, but since twins makes you a higher risk of pre-term labour, I will just take it as it comes and leave earlier if I have to. I was thinking about your 26 day cycle, and thinking that day 7 would be very early for you to ovulate. Usually (and everyone is different mind you) the luteal phase is between 14-17 days long (but constant for each woman) so I would have thought you'd ovulate on about day 9-12 (still earlier than most women). Anyway, the sticks will reveal all - make sure you get on here and tell me the good news :-) Take care!


shelly - November 6

hello lynette,how are u,thanks 4 the info,that really halped me,i think i may have been test 2 early in the day,ive normally been test around midday and ive only ever had a faint and sometimes barely there line,i thought 7 days into the cycle was 2 early as well,the 1st [and only]day i notice the dark and it was only similar not darker than test line was the day 7 and that was in the evening like u said where u ov later ther was a difference of 1 day,is it poss that i could ov one month at day7 and then by a few days on subsequent months,we didnt bd on friday which would have been day 7 because we were babysitting at my sister in laws,my niece is 4 we were staying the night there and she wouldnt sleep in her own bed bec she was scared of all the the fireworks going off with guy fawkes nite being yesterday so it put paid to any pa__sion,i was a bit fed up bec scared of missing it but i hadnt had a surge that day,day 9 2d so will bd every other day regardless of the faint lines and will start test in evenings instead.u said it took u a couple of months to get to grips with the tests were u said u were despondant bec it took until day 18 did u run into any other probs with them,how weird is it that when ur younger u try everyt to avoid pg then when ur trying in reality its a lot harder than u think,i used to think that i had 28 day cycle i never really took that much notice[altho now i wish i had]was supised to find out only 26 days,so lynette do u think with my 26 day cycle if the luteal phase was between 12 and 16 days then the ov would be between 9 and 12 days,am getting despondant in case have missed it by test 2 early in the day so far tho theres not been enough to call it even a proper line,thanks for taking the time to reply each time to me,i find out so much each time we chat that i would never have found out otherwises the stuff they dont tell u on the box or the fertility friends type stuff,any info or experience uve had is so gratefully recieved by me,i hope ur well how long will it be b4 u feel any movement or kicks,did u say uve got appointment on the 9th?,take care x



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