Luteal Phase 10 Days

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lena - August 24

I just started consistently charting my temps via fertility friend. According to FF, I didn't o until cd18 (Aug. 18th). My cycle is only 28 days long. My next af is on Aug. 28. 10 days is not enough time for implantation, is it? Has anyone who has a 10 day "LP" gotten pregnant?


Tig - August 24

I'm not the one with that specific answer but I have read about leutal phases because mine bounces around. I believe LP with 10-18 days is normal, however any shorter and there is not enough time for implantation. Because you have a short leutal phase, the egg has a shorter implantation time. The average implantation time is quoted as 7-10 days but other sources say as early a 3-4 days after conception. If your leutal phases are shorter talk to your doctor because I believe they can correct it to allow implantation. Good Luck


C. - August 24

Hello lena. Yes, I think a so called luteal defect (too short) can be corrected. But if you truly did o, on the 18th, maybe you won't get AF til 14 days, (not 10 days) later. Normally, luteal phases are 14-16 days long. So, I think your body might just 'not' expect Af til later. That is, if FF was right?? And I've read that 10 days is the minimum required to allow for successful implantation. But more common than short luteal phases, are later periods, due to later ovulation. Baby dust to you!!


lena - August 25

Thank you for answering- Tig and C. I never realized I o'd so late in my cycle. I always 'feel' the ovulation pains earlier in my cycle. And least that's what I thought!!! My af is very regular so I'm sure I'll get it on the 28th. On one website, it said that B6 was a good vitamin to length your luteal phase. I'll have to ask my doctor about it. I think I'll chart for another month to see if FF was correct.


Becca - August 25

Hi Lena, I also have had a history of LPD, I've had two miscarriages so my doctor has given me progesterone suppositories. The progesterone strengthens the uterine lining to help a__sist implantation....


Bran - August 25

Becca, I've had 2 early mc and my dr suspects LPD. I'm having an endometrial biopsy tomorrow to see if that's my problem. Do you take the progesterone all month long or just from ovulation to af? Lena, I've been taking B6 also in case I do have a LPD.


lena - August 25

I'm wondering if FF is wrong? Has anyone thought that? Or experienced it being wrong? (For instance- comparing an + OPK to FF's time of o.) I think I'm going to need the progesterone supp. but I'll try the B6 first. Bran, do you take the B6 once a day? All throughout your cycle? I hope everything is ok at the doctors' office! Becca, I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriages. Let us know when the prog. suppositories work!


Bran - August 25

Becca, Did your dr do the endo biopsy to determine that you had the LPD? Also, I've read that short, light periods are another sign. Do you have those?


Bran - August 25

Lena, I take a prenatal that supplies 25mg of B6 twice a day so I take a 100mg once a day for a total of 150 mg. I take it every day of the month. It's even safe to take during pregnancy and can help with morning sickness. I've noticed it's helped me feel less bloated, which is a plus!


Bran - August 29

Hey Ladies, Well I had the biopsy Friday, wow it was so painful! Anyway, just waiting to get the results back. If I do have the defect the dr will put me on Clomid. Any of you been on Clomid?


alison - August 29

hi, my hubby and I did the deed on the 18th - day 17 in my cycle. I don't know when I usually ovulate, always a__sumed earlier then this- but I have been feeling preg signs and af due tomorrow. I have two kids already( and I'm still b___stfeeding so this may have altered o somewhat?) got preg after trying 6 months. I took a preg test this morn. VERY faint pink line, hardly there (had to tilt it to the light to see) but once I saw it, I could notice it every time I looked. so if this is it, then I got preg on a 10 day LP.


Alison - August 29

I meant to say I charted and oed around day 15 with my last kid, and gor preg. after six months of trying with him.



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