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emily - October 31

hi i just wondered if u can help me i oed on the 9th of this month and am normally du on on the 3rd of each month i thought that this month i was pregnant sore bbs cramping etc but on sat night i started to bleed it was really heavy by sun morn and the water in the loo was bright red (TMI) sorry i was having mild cramps but nothing to bad at first i thought it was af but if it is i would be 5 days early and i normally have regular cycles due u think i had a m/c im not to sure


Emma - October 31

If it was five days before your period was due to start, I doubt it was a m/c. If you got pregnant, then the egg wouldn't have had time to implant and and then m/c. The egg could have been fertilizated and then not implant and pa__sed, but it shouldn't be any heavier than a normal period becasue there is no extra tissue to pa__s. It could have been a m/c if you ovulated early and the egg had time to implant and then m/c. when you m/c you will pa__s some grayish looking clots taht would have been the baby. If you are unsure, talk to your doctor. My best guess is that if you ovulated at your normal time, you probably just ahd a heavy period...


hello - October 31

I mc last month and had really,really bad cramps almost like contractions, I also had lots of large blood clots that looked like liver(sorry for the info) it went on for more than a week then lesser flow the following days. sounds like you af came early,so I would worry too much. Emma is right you probably didnt even have time to implant if you were pregnant. take care good luck next time... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


C. - October 31

Emily, just a quick question. Do you really you mean you ovulated on the 9th of this month? Cuz, the time from ovulation to AF is called the luteal phase and lasts usually 14, up to 16 days max. So, AF would have been due latest on the 25th, if you o'd on the 9th! You didn't get AF til the 29th though. If your periods usually start on the 3rd of the month, you would be normally be oing around the 19th or so. My guess is you o'd earlier this month, but closer to the 15th or so. Hope things sort themselves out for you soon..good luck.



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