M I Consider Pregnant

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hopeful - April 18

hi all... AF should due today..but no signs yet..had notice more veins on my br___ts n its gettin more obvious...br___ts does not hurt like the usually before AF syptoms..its juz gettiin beri tender n hurts slightly when i press... near my pervic bone...there feels a lump when i lay down on my back...n even today when i stand up...i feel that its hard below my belly button...is tis gd sign?


helpful - April 18

You should be able to test today with an ept.My b___sts did not hurt untill after I was pregnant.Sounds hopeful no pun intended.


Skyla - April 18

I am also due for af today sometime or through the night. My b___sts are also not sore but nipples are sensative to the touch. Actuslly I would say that areola looks bigger/like fat a bit but not really darker. Very veiny also. slight cramping backache and my pants are tights around the belly. I wonder and hope. Good luck to you. Are you testing today?


to skyla - April 18

yeah...did a digital test...it says not pregnant...but when i took the stick out...theres a 2 lines..1 line is beri obvious..the other is faint...but u can defintely c both lines...so..goin to buy a normal stick to test again...baby dust to u too...


hopeful - April 18

ops...i m bleedin...but..when i tested with a pee stick in the mornin...i got 2 lines on the stick...is it miscarriage or m i havin implantation bleedin...the bleedin its quite alot...help pls...realli need advice


old mom - April 18

Bleeding could be implantation. I'd trust the stick. It's hard to get a positive reading, so if it says it is, it definitely is! Implantation is usually brown and no cramps. But i've heard of women getting their normal red crampy period and still be preg. the hard lump is probably your uturus getting hard to protect the tiny fragile fetus. when it implants or "hooks on" the uturus knows it is there, and it gets hard to protect it.


old mom... - April 19

i got quiet a bad cramp now...when i try to sit...i could feel sumting near my virginal....a kind of pain...(don realli know how to describe)...could it be miscarriage?...i m juz worry i miscarriage...


hopeful... - April 19

i guess its realli implantation....got spots of blood...n not the usual AF...juz tried tested again...but its neg now...


Becky - April 19

I hate to be the one to say this, but the didgital works differently than the regular sticks. There is almost always a 2nd line... This is a quote from peeonastick.com. She's done a lot of research on various stuff. "In simple terms, the digital test stick sucks up urine like a "regular" HPT. The test has a control line like every other HPT, to indicate the test worked properly. Then there is a "results zone" where a second line may or may not appear. Here's the difference: the second line may appear even if you are not pregnant, because the antibodies in the "results zone" are NOT testing ONLY for pregnancy hormone. Drumroll please. The "results zone" detects not only hCG (pregnancy hormone) . . . but also LH (luteinizing hormone.) LH is found in women's bodies almost all the time in some quant_tity. (See the Fertility Info section for the nitty-gritty.) So, depending upon where you are in your cycle, how much LH your body produces normally (which can be thrown off by conditions like PCOS), you may see a second line even when there is no hCG ("Not Pregnant.")". Now, since it is only the day after AF was suppose to come, you could still just be too early to get a pos, so I'd still encourage you to test again.


to becky - April 19

tks alot...but the problem now is i m bleedin..but not the usual AF style...its dark red (patches with lots of cm) in the mornin tat was followed by lots of crumps at the bottom of my tummi near the pervic line...then now...at nite..its bright red...n it looks watery...however...the crumps r not tat heavy anymore...juz on n off of mild crumps now...wonderin if tats implantation or its miscarriage? anyone can help?



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