Major Problem Involving No Sex Entire Explantion

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class-09 - November 7

ok. hi. my name is alejandra everybody calles me ale. ok here is my problem. i am 17 years old i have not had s_x but relations. about a month to two months ago my older brother brought over his womanizing perverted friend over which i had relations with. i woke up in the middle of the night half nude (waist down) i didn't think much of it accept the fact that i wasn't alone. he was standing at the door staring in which sux cus i am the type of person that moans in her sleep : ( i dont really remember what happened next accept falling asleep. i took a shower in the morning still thinking that nothing happened. (narrow minded) Knowing that he is the type that he would do anything to anybody despite who it is.. i know i am retarted.... well anyway. now starting since last week i have been feeling my stomach bloated, aching, lower back pain(sometimes), fatigue, constipation, frequent restroom visits, darker skin, mood swings, and lack of sleep, another words alot like the symptoms right. as soon i noticed that i tried to recall the my last periods almost normal except light and i have a heavy flow for a week : ( then about 2 weeks later i had a single random spotting (pink) i took a hpp and it came out negative then i went to a clinic hoping that it would give me peace of mind. it came out as negative aswell. though i am at a school where i take rotations around the city at local clinics. they told me they still do the regular hpp. my question is, is it possible that i was taking it too late? i researched and found that the hormones that are found in the urine deminish after certain period of time after pregnancy. is it possible that i am imagining it or could i possibly be? should i take a blood test? pleeease help!!!!


nikkis18 - November 13

it shouldn't of been to late but you should test in the morning if that was what you were refering to. i'm so sorry that this happened to you though have you told your brother about it? he should know that his friend did this that is absolutly horrible.


Seal - November 13

Hi Ale, sorry this happened to you. In reference to your question if it is too late to test - it isn't. The hormones diminish only after 3 months, and the timeline you provide doesn't fit that. So, I would trust that the tests you've had are accurate, and that you are not pregnant. However, take another test again in a week or two, just to be certain. All of those symptoms you mention can also be symptoms of getting your period too, so keep that in mind. Good luck and be safe!!



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