Making A Baby

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sarahrenee - September 21

I was just curious to how long semen stays in the va___a. And do you have to have s_x continuously to conceive while ovulating?


kay101 - September 21

Semen can live up to five days, but normally most only live for three, in fertile cervical mucus. You are fertile during ovulation and the days leading up to it. You can have s_x every day or every other day, but doing so more often may deminish the amount of sperm deposited. Meaning you don't need to do it 5 times a day :)


annmarie - September 21

My doc told me to BD every other day during the entire week leading up to and during O. So that's what I've been trying to do. Hopefully his little guys are strong enough to live that long! However, if you haven't had any indications of DH having a low sperm count it definitely doesn't hurt to BD once a day. I wouldn't recommend any more than that though. Good luck and baby dust!


GimmeaBub - September 22

Hey these girls have gievn you the absolute and best advice, just to add on to Kays, try not have s_x everyday or several times because not only does it diminish but you will also lose interest in s_x, it becomes less njoyable and trust me my poor df can only maybe handle it twice a day otheriwse it takes him forever to orgasm if we keep going at it. Remember when your s_xually stimuated the cervical mucus because all wet and slippery, making it easy for the little swimmers, when your turned off, your v____a is alot dryer, not only is it uncomfortable but the little fellas, have more of a hike into your uterus. Maybe you could try tempting or using an Ovulation predictory kit that way you can roughly predict when your gonna ovulate instead of going at it like rabbits every month. And remember relax, cause although i know its hard stress can play a factor when ttc :)


Whisper - September 24

Both times I have gotten pregnant, we were BDing every other day quite religiously! I have heard that every day can be too much, and that they need that day in between to replenish the ol' supply. ** GL!



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