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Trixie - March 23

hi girls... mandy, sugar, tiffany, amy, mulga, la rae... and everyone else i have been in touch with... whre are u all ? wots the latest happenning?? as for me.. me having a lil discharge since yesterday again.. n pain on the left side..other symptoms are still as before...BTW, when exactly does areola change color n when do montgomery's tubercules appear?? lotsa love n tonns of baby dust**** P.S. my comp aint working so me not so regular.. but u all are in my thoughts n prayers


mulgajill - March 23

hi trix... i think most of us are still about... haven't seen larae much :-( but sugar and others have been posting ... but then posts sort of get missed in the queue... you are back in the waiting game by the sounds of it... when is your af day due?.... i am on O day tomorrow... cheers :-)


MandyD - March 24

I'm here Trix! Haven't been posting quite as much, but still checking up on everyone. I'm still waiting for something...if I'm not pregnant, I should get AF sometime around this weekend, I'm thinking anywhere from like the 24th - 28th. So, if I don't get it, I will test again next week. If nothing happens, I am probably going to call my dr. If I'm not mistaken, the areolas & tubercules normally change/show up early on in the pregnancy. I believe my sisters had darkened by around 2 months. Everyone is different though - I don't know that there is a certain time that it happens by. Hope you're doing well hun, and keep us posted on your new symptoms, etc. I think we're going to try and finish the book discussion soon, so I'll talk to you then maybe?? Love to you girls!! XO


La Rae - March 24

Hey Trixie - I am here also. I have been posting a little more frequently as of lately, but I am just trying to 'help' right now. I am not ttc at the moment, but I do have some strange things going on with my bod - so I might be making a trip to the doc soon. I am 35 years old, I don't believe that I am going thru the 'change' yet - but ya' never know do ya'? I hope this is the month for you Trixie! Did you guys read about Claire? She got a BFP after trying for 6 months. THAT is inspirational for all of us, ain't it? Well....I better get back to the grindstone. Much Love to Everyone! Keep in touch....


Trixie - March 25

hi girls, My comp is due back tuesday.. till then i am surviving with hubby's for me.. i am so tired always.. an sleepy... i just cant stay up inthe afternoons... n wud u belive it if i told u tht i get up around 11.00?? back in bed by 3.00...get up by 6/7... then again nite nite @1.00...will keep u posted... have an U/S scheduled on tuesday...lotsa love n baby dust


trixie - March 25

Mulga... as for AF.. i havent seen her since dec31st...all i see is brown subst_tute of whit cm ..once in a while...go figure!!???


mulgajill - March 25

just a quick check in to say hi... trixie & mandy... waiting for 'something to happen'... sounds torturous .... and laRae... i dont think you are going through 'the change'.... you have NEVER mentioned hot flushes and i think they are the big sign for that! Might be time to have a look on the net about the magical qualities of the soybean... cheers to ya all... will have TIME tomorrow as my fella is off interstate to visit his folks over easter... xxx


SugarPie - March 25

Trixie, Babie!!!!! Just wanted to give you my love. I'm around and about. Can't wait till you get the comp all fixed, so we can finish book one and get on to book two!!! Love to you****



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