March 29th BFP And Hardly Any Symptoms

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no patience - March 29

I got my BFP this morning. I didn't think I was preggers because I didn't have ANY symptoms, and I'm due for the period tomorrow. Haven't told the DH. ...going to have a tadoo this evening. ...any suggestions? baby dust to all. It WILL happen!


tay - March 29

First off CONGRATS!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!sorta corny..but i always think of the tv show full house when rebecca was telling uncle jesse she was preggo she made him dinner, baby backribs, baby carrots, baby corn on the cob...thats sorta what i wanna dh would most likely be just like jesse and totally unaware..but hey thats the fun in it!!


Alison - March 29

Congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!!! That is so wonderful have a wonderful celebration with DH tonight :o) Maybe you could ask him if he has any plans for "due date" and when he says no you can say well that's good you might have to come to the hospital with me! (corny I know!) or say to him "we" instead of "I" when you're talking (we're hungry etc) and when he asks what you're going on about say me and baby! Ok that is just as sad isn't it! I'm sure however you tell him it will be a very special moment for you both. Please keep posting! Also that's encouraging about you having no symptoms I feel a bit more hopeful! xxx


enail - March 29

Congratulations!! Best wishes for a successful pregnancy and beautiful baby!!


tina - March 29

congratulations!!! when i found out i was preg, i sent my hubby congratulation balloons at work. on the card i wrote "were pregnant!!" he freaked!! and the funny thing is that it was in front of all of his work buddies. just a thought. good luck on ur pregnancy.


Cindlo - March 29

Hey Nopatience, If and whenever I get preggo I already have a happy father's day card to give him. On the outside it just says "HI" and inside of course says "Happy Father's Day"


Layla - March 29

Good Luck Girl! Wow, no symptoms not even b___st tenderness? (us gals left waiting are gonna need to pick your brain a little) How late are you?


layla - March 29

Sorry, I see your a day before AF.


erica - March 29

no patience, do you mean no symtoms at all. Did you cm or where yo dry.


Chriss - March 29

CONGRATS!!! If you are looking for a special way to tell him that you are preggers, don't do anything that requires him to guess, men aren't really good at the game thing, like the baby back ribs and baby carrots etc sound cute, but if you ask your DH what it means, he'll say something like it's food and I'm starving!! Go for something a little more obvious, buy something baby related and give it to him. If you know he wants a boy, buy him something that he's wanted to get for his son, like a miniature ball glove or a hockey jersey for a baby or something like that! Just a thought!! Hope you have a wonderful and happy pregnancy!!! Good luck to you!!!


no patience! - March 29

Thanks everyone. When I say no symptoms, I mean NO SYMPTOMS... for the exception of typical af symptoms. achy abdomen. I thought it was af. THat's it. I just recognized that I am anemic if that has anything to do with anything. CM: wasn't "dry" but there wasn't much either.


erica - March 29

Take him to a maternity store and buy yourself a shirt or even the baby section and buy a couple of outfits. I'm pretty sure he's going to be asking questions.


Sabrina - March 29

Congratulations, I'm playing the waiting game and I will be testing on 2nd April as long as af doesn' come. Baby Dust to everyone.


Laura - March 29

Congrats!!! I've seen you on some other posts and I'm so glad you got your BFP!!!! Best of everything to your new family


Shauna - March 29

CONGRATULATIONS**** I am so happy for you!! Just a suggestion.. I have always wanted to do this.. but I guess I have to be preggo first.. hehe.. Buy a beautiful baby rattle... maybe a gla__s one with beautiful desgins on it.. wrap it up and give it to him after a nice dinner.. (just a thought) GOOD LUCk and let us know what you do with the hubby.....


no patience! - March 31

Thank you everyone!!!!! shauna, that's a great idea, but too late.... I made a goody bag with an "I love my daddy" bib, the hpt as well as a card. He was thrilled!!!! baby dust to all. It will happen!!!!


tiffani - March 31

no patience~ That's exactly how I told my husband, a goody bag with a card, 4 hpts ( I needed lots of confirmation) and a I Love My Daddy bib. Great minds think alike. Congratulations on the baby to be! :o)



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