March BFP S If You Get One Let Us Know Let S Count

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jenn_ns - March 1

Let's count all the March BFP's!! Here's to December babies (I am one!! lol) Having a Christmas birthday isn't all that bad! It's good to see all the BFP's under one thread (easier to keep track of you all!) So.... if you get a BFP.... post it here! Good Luck ladies


Martha31 - March 1

Sorry did not see this thread...and just started a new one...March 8-10 testing....but I guess this will stillb e November babies... Really hope to be pregnant. No sympoms though:(


jenn_ns - March 2

just bumping it up for today ^^bump bump^^


sososleepy - March 2

Here goes jenn_ns... I'm going to be optimistic here and predict that I'll be a bfp around March 28th as I'll be testing for this cycle about then. I hope... I hope... good luck this time around all!


jenn_ns - March 2

fingers crossed, sososleepy!!! Good luck!


Martha31 - March 2

sososleepy, crossing my fingers for you:) I will test on March 8/9...I am very nervous:(


krissy2006 - March 2

ME!! ME!! ME!! . . . errr that is I WANT a BFP in March. I haven't actually GOTTEN one yet. LOL, Heck, I haven't even ovulated yet... heehee


preggoplease - March 2

^^^bumpity bump^^^Ok I know there are 2 ladies out there that got their BFP's! Girls post em!


Megs - March 3

Bumpity Bump!! *Krissy, you and Jenn had at least be posting later on this month!!!! :-) Haha!* I hope to see LOTS this month just in time for TAX DEDUCTIONS!!! LOL


Laceyandsamsmamma - March 3

Bump bump I am testing this week some where from tuesday thu the 10th wish me luck I need that BFP I am tired of testing already lol


Laceyandsamsmamma - March 4

bumpity bump bump


Martha31 - March 4

Laceyandsamsmamma, I will test on Thurdsday as well....crossing my fingers:)


waiting for #2 - March 4

Hope you ladies dont mind me joining in... I guess im a write off this month. I seem to be having a second period so my dates are all over the place and i have no idea when im going to be most fertile. But i'll give you ladies my share of baby dust for this month and hope it brings you all lovely baby bumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!


melissap - March 4

Me ME Me.Finally on CD 33 for sure I got a BFP!!!!! Talked dh into going for a drive down the coast and stopped at the Drugstore b/c it was driving me crazy and as soon as I peed on a pharmasave cheapie + sign. I new b/c the opk I used was way darker today. Well Yay and thanks everyone for their help and putting up with my questions. Come on Megs--it's the month's for the M's. Good luck everyone eles let's see lots of BFP for March!!!


Laceyandsamsmamma - March 4

I know there are more BFP's reported out there so come on ladies report BUMP^^^^^


MammaJL - March 5

Just ~Bumpity Bumping~... Hopefully I will get my BFP this month and be able to add my name here as well... Congrats to the "pregosaurus's" and Good luck to everyone!


Martha31 - March 5

melissap: CONGRATS!!:) I was too curious and tested today...big BFN...however, my af is not due before Thursday, perhaps I tested a little too there hope??



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