May Be Pregnant

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? - October 21

I have had s_x several times without protection. In the past week I have been feeling really sick and I threw up once. I have lost most of my appet_te and I am down to one meal a day. My period it now four days late. I took a home test, but it was negative. I'm not sure if this is all cause by stress or if I should go to the doctor for a test.


oneka - October 21

maybe u are pregnant but u need to do another test again ok just to make sure ok


? - October 21

I'm thinking about taking another test soon. I'm in a really bad situation though. My boyfriend broke up with me in July, but we continued to see each other and sleep together. I just found out two days ago that he had started another relationship with a 16 year old girl (he is 19 and im 18), but continued to have s_x with me. They are now broken up. I was with him for a year and he gave it all up for a little girl, now I am have his child. I don't know what to do.


Jasmine - October 21

wow that's quite the situation! you really should take another test 'cause its so common for you to get false negatives or even better go get a blood test done. about your relationship situation, i don't really know. if you do end up being pregnant you should tell him but as to his response, only time will tell...


Viv - October 22

Sorry about the boyfriend. Were you hoping to get him back? Maybe you still will, since he has broken up with the other girl, but maybe also you will not be able to forgive his deception. Wait for a week between home tests. You may simply be sick and stressed. Tell us of any other symptoms of early pregnancy.


? - October 24

I just started my period so I'm not worried any more. However, I still have been getting sick.


E - October 24

Glad to hear you have your period:) Please use protection when having s_x b/c once pregnant, it is permanent in the sense that you need to attend to it. When I got pregnant as a teen (19 yrs old), I was in denial and thought it would go away on its own. It was the first thing I worried about when I woke up and the last thing...when I went to bed. In a nutshell, it was awful and causes much stress. XOXO



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