May Help Somene Or Let Them Down One

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Kate - May 2

I swore to it I was pregnant. Had implantation spotting,and cramps two weeks before period came. The big one was veins on br___ts and stomach. Headaches, nausea, frequent peeing. I even had a two day "flu" where I couldn't even get out of bed but temp stayed right at 98.9 for two days. I was just so sore and achy. Hurt to move anything on my body. Just had the feeling and I wasn't even trying to conceive. My periods for the past two months have been abnormally short and different but I went to doctor when I would have been 5-6 weeks and she said my uterus didn't seem swollen at all through a pap. Kept getting negative tests. Even now having horrible bachaches which is very out of the norm for me. Woke up this morning with a back stiffness that felt like someone hit with me a hammer there. Have had and still have constant wet feeling down there, almost creamy. I would be almost 8 weeks now if I am and still getting negatives so my guess is that I am not pregnant. I have no clue where these symptoms are coming from. So just cause we all have symptoms, it can be very disappointing when you finally realize that to much time has passed and if you were it would show up by now. I am devastated as I had it in my mind I was AFTER I developed these symptoms. Sometimes mother nature has a cruel way of playing jokes on us. So I am done buying tests and looking at my symptoms. If I go into labor in about 7 months then I guess I will know for sure but as of right now, I have given up thinking I am. These signs? Something I have yet to explain. Sorry and good luck to you all.


mommato4 - May 2

How far past due your AF are you? Have you been to the doctor for a blood test? I am going through the same thing.


Kimberly - May 2

Hi Kate, Sorry to hear you have given up but, I have also given up this month. AF is 2 friggen weeks late with no signs of her anywhere. I havent been this late in longer than I can remember. I have had 3 BFNs. Now each month I am late I will have to wait for 2 weeks to pa__s before I can start to think I may be preg or just friggen late again. Grrr... That witch, I wish someone would knock her off of her broom and hit her in the head with it.


Lisa - November 9

I just came across your post and was wondering if you ever found answers, as I seem to be going through the same thing.


get a beta - November 9

stress can play major havoc on your body but you also could get a beta hcg check to see if there is any hcg in your system. You may have been pregnant and miscarried early, either a blighted ovum or a chemical pregnancy which can cause your symptoms or a pregnancy that miscarried later but never showed on your hpt. there are some stories on here that people didnt get an hpt to go positive for months and only found out when there was a heartbeat on an u/s.


Ashley - November 9

I've never heard of a chemical pregnancy. What is it, and what does abbr. u/s mean?



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