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mshjaw21 - December 7

The last time I had my period was in october. Late October to be exact. Last month I did not get my period at all. Other than having to use the restroom a lot i feel perfectly fine but I havent skipped a period since I was 16 (about 4, almost 5 years ago). I was having some mild cramping but no bleeding. I took a pregnancy test about a week and a half ago after I got off work and it said negative but I still havent gotten anything. The girl I work with who IS pregnant said that if i was pregnant my stomach should be harder than it is but other people have told me it wouldnt nessisarily get harder yet since it would still be early. In the past day or two my chest has started getting sore and certain smells bother me. Other than those three symptoms plus occational mild cramping i feel fine. Could I be pregnant? Should I wait a few days and test again? My fiancee is freaking out worse than I am but I would still like to know. I started crying yesterday because not knowing is killing me.


Grandpa Viv - December 7

Missed period, more frequent urination, weird cramping, smells changing, sore chest and emotional are enough signs to suspect pregnancy. How about lotion discharge, upset gut even though there is no period, acne, tired, backache etc? Your first test may have been too early and was not used with first morning pee. Try again tomorrow morning. Good luck!


mshjaw21 - December 8

i have definately been tired a lot. I didnt realize it could have any connection. upset gut yeah, its dull and sometimes feels like cramps but i dont get my period. And i have the slight discharge and backaches...the backaches i tried to pin on work but now im not too sure


mshjaw21 - December 20

I took a test again on the 9th and it said "pregnant". Im so excited that i couldnt believe it and i actually took five more to make sure and they have now all come out with "pregnant" or positive readings (i took a bunch of different kinds to be sure). and morning sickness finally caught up with me yesterday. I was hoping it wouldnt but it did. How long does that usually last?


natcap33 - December 23

WOW!! Congratulations...Its good to hear someone on this site with POSITIVE results. It is rare to read follow up posts on here with what there end result was....Thanks and Good luck to you and your baby



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