Maybe Grandpa Viv Can Help Me

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sondra - February 15

i stopped getting my period (which was pretty much regular for 10 years) and went to the doctor...he said that i have stopped ovulating and would need fertility drugs to concieve. now the only time i get my period is if i am on birth control or progesterone. why would this happen to a healthy 23 year old???(i already have 2 children, had no problems conceiving or delivering...)i cant seem to get any answers.


hello - February 15

same boat as u im 27 and have been preg twice i have 6yr old son and lost a baby at 5 weeks in Aug!!! I cant get preg not ovulating and hardly have period went to doc he sent me to gyno who has given me PROVERA to make me have period then CLOMID to make me ovulate! Im a little worried and would love positive feebback on these drugs x good luck 2 u


S5 - February 15

try to look up something called premature ovarian failure , I too have been going through this since I was like 19 and I am now 34 they told me I was lucky to have my first one when I was 20 and that I would never have another one, well I have been preg 6 times in total and have 3 boys including the oldest one. It happened to me like that just one day it stop and I went through that from19-26 and then they just started to come at 2 times ayear and then 4 times a year and then every 2 months, when I lost 30 pound they started to come alittle closer but still all over like 59 days , 7weeks , 6 weeks right now I am currently on my 38th day so who knows and we are t/c again we are having a hard time because i can't pinpoint ovulation, it is difficult to plan things around the time you might think you are going to get af because you never know exactly when and I get so ill and the pain is awful they have put me on pain killers at time for them and my doc told me it was from years of not having them and my body is trying to I guess fix itself ( not the technical terms he used) I was scheduled for a hyst, because of the excrutiating pain I go through and my stomach expands to were i looke 5 months preg and i am a sz 4 so I look pretty big , the other day I was flicking through this actual site and looked in the infertility sections in the forum and at the top i clicked and found a lot of info on this pof and other stuff like it and I sent it to my bestfriend and my husband and they both agreed it sounds completely like me and they would know- my hubby has been having to go through it with my for almost 15 years and my best friend since it first started to happen, so i will bring it to my gyno and ask him what he thinks but maybe try looking this up and see if any of this might pertain to you, sorry I rambled I always do it. let me know if you find this site and it was any help, take care.


Grandpa Viv - February 15

I wish I could help. Here is a link that may give you some ideas: ... ... (no hyphens in that URL


sondra - February 16

thank you for answering- it is nice to know someone out there understands...i will check out that site


sondra - February 17

i have been tested for polycystic ovaries and have taken the progesterone challenge and pa__sed so i have estrogen still my body is just not ovulating on its own...i am lucky to have had 2 children young because i fear i wont be able to concieve again



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