Maybe I M Just Paranoid But

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Paranoid - May 19

...I’m trying to work out whether I could be pregnant. I’ve been feeling randomly nauseous for a couple of days now – nothing huge, just a feeling on rising ickiness every so often, together with what seems to be a slightly more acute sense of smell (usually I can smell very little, but today I opened a tuna risotto and almost threw up). My usual rapacious appet_te is lower as a result, and coffee is something I’m having to force down in order to stay awake rather than an enjoyable experience. My br___ts are sore. I feel tried and light headed. I’m horribly bloated. These symptoms seem rather scarily pregnancy-like to me. Only, it’s probably too soon, given I only just had my period. I have a rather annoyingly brief cycle of 21-22 days and my period begun on 11 May and finished about 14th. I never bleed much at night, so I definitely had s_x on the 13th and the 14th. Still, that would only be, what, 6 days (given it’s the 20th here today). Surely not long enough for symptoms to have developed? I guess this period could have been implantation bleeding. I've spent the day reading as much about this as I can and I'm still confused. My period was certainly lighter this time than usual, but it’s not all that unheard of for me to have the odd lighter period. It was period-y in that the blood seemed to look quite normal – not pale pink or brown, as I believe you’d expect from implantation bleeding. Although, thinking back, thef irst day was lighter and darker than usual. My period was on time. My boyfriend and I use condoms religiously, but nothing is failsafe. I’m contemplating running down the pharmacy and buying a pregnancy test, but at $15, it’s a lot to fork out if I’m just being terribly paranoid…


Darla - May 19

My sister was 3 months pg when she found out and she had had periods every month up until then. So it's possible you are pg. Good Luck!!


kate - May 20

i have ashort cylcel too..i hear that is not very positive for the luteal phase---good luck---i am also TTC.


Grandpa Viv - May 20

Wow, good signs, but to have them on cycle day 9 is something for the book. Do you think you might just have a hormone upset? The doc_mented record is pregnancy from s_x on cycle day 1, a German soldier on leave during WWI. Don't waste money on testing until June 3rd and thereafter at weekly intervals. The $4 tests at the cashiers desk of the Dollar Store are good enough. If you turn out pregnant please come back and post with a new Title of Question: "Pregnant on Cycle Day 9". Good luck!


Bree - May 20

I don't know where you live, but if you have any dollar stores (dollar general, I think) you can buy a test for just $1.00 - and trust me, they work! That's how I found out (lol). Good luck to ya


Natalie - May 20

They have tests at the dollar tree. But they can't tell until youve missed your period


hello - May 20

pregnant on cycle day 9 would be normal if your cycles are only 21 or 22 days long (in fact you could even fall pregnant on day 8 then.) But what would be unheard of is sypmtoms at this stage. I bet the German lady didn't feel any signs on day 1 of her period, even if she did get pregnant then. But then I guess those crazy days then, would mess up anyones cycles.



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