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bellasmama - January 24

My partner and I use the pull out method and agree if we get pregnant great, if not no problem. Let's start back at October - period was the 28th -November 1. Period next was November 28 - December 1. Sex on December 11. Next was December 26 - December 30. Sex on December 31. Sex on Jan 8th. Now starting on Jan 17, I had cramping, headaches, tender br___ts, left side ovary pain that was more noticed, harder cramping and pain, headaches, backaches, tired, hard boiled eggs smelled rotten, thirsty, I always pee a lot so that's nothing new, discharge like warm hand lotion... was kinda yellowish, then for 2 days starting on the 22nd there was light brown tinge to the yellowish discharge, and on the 23rd started what I thought was period but it was watery and had a ton of ewcm in it which I never had before, then today the 24th the discharge is brownish with a bit of redish in it, but more brown. I also have this weird sensation from the right side of my belly button down into my va___a and it feels like a tickle or that feeling you get when you have to urinate real bad. Not crampy today, but a twinge on the right side pelvic area, been drooling at night which is gross, dreaming like off the wall stuff and almost like i was there, tired, hungry, very mild headache today the 24th, my areolas look bigger to me, feel bloated, moody. What do you think?


Grandpa Viv - January 24

S_x January 8th would have been on target. Your signs are great. Test when late using first morning pee, and repeat a week later if still in doubt. GL!


bellasmama - January 26

Grandpa Viv ~ Exactly when should I test... was this 2 day discharge counted as a period and I wait until next month or could I test sooner than next month? Sorry for asking and sounding dumb about it, but it confuses me. Thank you!



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