Maybe Pregnant And Smoking

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goingtobefamous - October 10

there is a possiblity i could be pregnant and im still smoking bad i know. but while i was standing there i couldnt even stand straight i was about to pass out i was so dizzy. i almost fell over. could that be from pregnancy or just smoking? i know its not good either way but im confused.


keerthy - October 10

hmmm... when is ur af due? did u miss ur period? if ur possibly preg i think it is bad to some, as u said... but did u start smoking recently or r u a smoker from the beginning? if u started smoking recently then i think dizzyness would be coz of that...


goingtobefamous - October 11

all i have had this month was spotting for quite a few days but no actual flow and my period "flow" was due on like the 4th but i took a yest on the 3rd at night and it was neg.


jamers - October 11

Does smoking severly decrease your chances of conception? I've read that it does, but SO many women still get pregant even though they smoke. I have always said that once I find out I'm pregnant, I'll smoke a cigarette right way 'cause I'll be so excited then after that I will quit!! haha BABY DUST!! ;)


Whisper - October 12

Jamers... While it is possible to become pregnant as a smoker - your fertility increases a ton if you quit. If you want to becoe pregnant it is better to quit before trying. Better health = better chance of conception = win-win situation. Plus quitting while pregnant can cause a lot of unnecessary stress on mother and baby both. I am nt trying to criticize your lifestyle choices, just offering advice. When I started TTC I had been smoking for almost 10 years, and thought the same ''I'll quit when I get pregnant''. 5 years later, almost 6 actually, and still I had never fallen pregnant. I decided to quit for my new years resolution and smoked my last smoke 10 minutes to midnight on dec 31. January 22 I got my first ever BFP. Sadly I m/c that pregnancy, but I am pregnant again now. So almost 6 years ttc while smoking and 0 pregnancies, then after I quit I get pregnant twice within one year. I don't think that is a coincidence. :] My advice, quit now, enjoy your good health and improved fertility. GL!



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