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LN030905 - April 5

I know this probably sound silly, but has anyone ever heard if there is any relation between a mc and heridity?


Steff - April 5

I have heard that there is not relation. But that is only what I HEARD. I have no idea if there are any scientific findings to support or disprove that. My own personal experience: My mom never had a miscarrige, but my sister had 2 and I have had one. I hope that helps you. Probably not. :) I would love to know if anyone has any info on this too.


lauren h - April 5

LN I dont think it is. I had asked my docotr that when I had the mc because my mom never had one so I didnt beleive the docotr that I was having one. She told me that it just depends on the person. Statistically everyone has one at some point and you never even know it.


Amber #2 - April 5

I don't know if there is any relation but I thought I would never have one b/c my mother nor my grandmother ever had one. I've had one live birth and one m/c.


LN030905 - April 5

Thanks for the replies, guys. I am sorry to hear you guys had to go through that! Baby Dust and God Bless!


Emily - April 5

I have hear it depneds on the reason for the m/c. If a problem with your reproductive system like tubes or overies or uterus then it could be, but as far as those that have not real cause except maybe a abnormality of chromsones, then I don't think they do.....


LN030905 - April 5

This sounds even dumber than my prior question, but what about sperm? My dh's parents had two boys but in between them was a dont have anything to do with sperm , right?


Emma2 - April 5

LN030905- Your


Emma2 - April 5

LN030905- Actually MC's can have alot to do with sperm. If the sperm is not 100% it can hold chromosone abnormalities. And so can the egg! Most MC's are due to this factor and not a genetic thing.


Emma2 - April 5

By the way my pc just submitted something I never even submitted...WIERD!


LN030905 - April 5

That is dh has been very worried about that..When he was 6 his mom and dad decided to ttc -she got a physical, had the month maped out, been off bc for months and got pregnant, but she mc a few weeks after she found out. A couple yrs later they did get preg by accident with my BIL...of course that was in the 80's and she said she wasnt given a reason what could have caused it. I dont know of anyone on my side who has had one, but I couldnt help but wonder. Im really worried..Im not even pregnant yet, but I know how common it is. Thanks again, ladies!


angelinakai - April 5

i dont really think it would be, but my grandmother's first, her only daughters first, and my first were all miscarriages. so i dont know. i think it is just coincidence


spammy4145 - April 6

Yeah I agree. There is not anyone in my family that has had a m/c until me that I am aware of. my sister has 3 kids, my mom has 2 and aunts and uncles all have 2 or 3 with no problems. It's just one of those things.


Emily - April 6

LN, you were worried about the sperm or egg? While it is true most m/c are casue by a genitic defect in one or the other, it isn't pa__sed down form generation to generation or anything, as far as I am aware of... my grandmother had tow m/c and one early labor. The baby died shortly after birth, but beofre, between and after had six healthy children. None of them ever has had a m/c and none of thier children have ever had a m/c, except me....I feel like it is my fault sometimes, even though I know it isn't really. It is just one of those things. My doc told me that he sees one or two a week. Most of them before 6-8 weeks. Early m/c is so common. But then again so is having a healthy baby. it is just one of those things, nothing the mother or father can do, it just happens. No reason other than things just didn't work the way they were suposed to and it wasn't becasue of anyones fault. Try not to worry too much about it now. You will be worried enough once you are expecting....



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