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Nics - January 14

OK - I went to thw doctors yesterday because I have had a cough since before Christmas. Anyways - he said he would prescribe me with antibotics and a few other medications. I explained that I had been having a few pregnancy symptoms (not due until Tuesday/Wednesday next week) and was these medications ok incase I am..... He gave me a notmal urine test to do (now this wasnt my pee of the day, i'd had a cup a tea and i'm early!!!) it came back negative!! Should I listen to this - or wait until I am late! or get period??? Please help. Thanks and bay dust x


Nics - January 14



Chas - January 14

I would hold off on the meds until I knew for sure, because the test wouldn't be accurate right now. Unless you are running a fever or the illness was just unbearable I would definately wait.


sugar+spice - January 14

he should have just told you whether or not the meds. would affect and embryo or not, and not just have tested your urine. if you think you might be, hold off. its better to be safe than sorry. doctors really dont know c___p. i took my dd to the doctor for a cold( she could hardly breathe) and they said there was nothing wrong with her, but said "i'll prescribed some meds.anyway" doctors here will give you anything, even if nothing is wrong with you. sorry i know this went way off subject, just venting.i apologize if anyones dh is a doctor....


Nics - January 14

Thanks you! I did think this - and I do think (fingers crossed) that I am pregnant! I did say this - but he said the test was negative!! So I'm not! It threw me, because I always thought you had to be late before you could say no for sure!! Thank you both


teeniemoon - January 14

I think that you do not know until you either get af or a bfp. Either way, testing before you are due for af and prescribing meds because of a bfn isn't the way I would want a dr to be with me. It just seems irresponsible to me. Hope it all works well for you and you get your bfp soon!!! :)



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