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It's DEB - November 1

Mel I was checking your chart and have been dying to get in touch with you. It looks awesome!!! Are you gonna test???????


Amanda - November 1

I'm not sure which Mel you are looking for, but if it is the one I chat with a lot then she posts on the Ovulating on Oct 28th. I hope that helps.


Deb - November 1

Thanks Amanda! I will see if thats her but judging by her chart..she ovd on Oct 18th. Thanks! I will check it out!


Mel - November 2

Deb - Hey you! I'm sorry I haven't been checking in with you! How did you make out at the dr.'s? How did the tests go? Really well I hope! Well, my chart does look good this month. I had a temp dip today, but no biggie. I was supposed to get af yesterday, but no signs of her. Yesterday and today I had a small amount of very, very light pink cm on toilet paper after I wipe, but that's it. None on my underwear only on the tp when I wipe. I tested again today and -. I'm surprisingly not concerned though. I figured my hcg levels just aren't high enough yet. I have felt very different the past few days then EVER before. I haven't had ANY of my regular af symptoms which I would have been now. I usually have my af by now too. Yesterday I had this really uncomfortable stretching feeling in my lower abdomen and today(on and off). It was actually quite unomfortable. So I thought maybe af was on the way and it just felt different this month, but nothing! Nothing at all except for the small amount of light pink cm when I wipe. Very strange. I am going to test again on Friday morning to see. If I still have bfn by Monday and no af then I will call the dr to go in for a blood test. So we'll see! I'll keep my fingers crossed, keep yours crossed too okay?! : ) I'm dying to know what you found out at the dr.'s! Let me know! It would be great if you got preggo this month and then you could share the news around Christmas time!


Deb - November 2

FINALLY!!! I have your chart on my favorites and have been checking them and saw how awesome it looks and have been dying to get in touch with you! Well my tests and my dh;s were ok. I had an HSG test done on Monday to clear out my tubes. The xray show a little blockage so hopefully that was all I needed. The doc said many women get pregnant the cycle that test is performed so I am keeping my fingers for you as well!!! That would be soo cool to be prego and share our happiness with the family on xmas. You too! God I am prying you get that BFP wihin the next few days!!!! Keep in touch!


Deb - November 4

Hey Mel. I saw af came for you. I am so sorry. Your temps looked so promising. If you ever want to talk off the forum..just shoot me an email. I would love to keep in touch with ya! [email protected]



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