Men And Their Obsessions

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Greg - August 24

This is a little weird for me. I am married to my child hood sweetheart we got together twenty years late. We are TTC and I am overly involved, I study charts take temps research conditions, We are currently 12 DPO and there has been a definate dip in her temp at 7 DPO since then the temps have been well above coverline. Her chart is triphasic and my research says that is also a good sign. We are going to test on sat. 15 days DPO. based on the temps, the dip, the consistentcy of the high temps afgter O day, could this be more than just a possibility. Everyone says yes it is possible, I wonder if there is someone who has had these symptoms and been positive


Ashley - August 24

Greg, I do not have the answer to your question, But I do want to compliment you on your involvement! Its wonderful that you are there for her. These times are crazy for a women. Good Luck with everything!! Baby Dust to you!!


C. - August 24

Why don't you test now, then you don't need to wonder much longer? Many women get BFP by 12 dpo and even more 13 dpo...I know some people prefer waiting til AF is late, but personally I wouldn't like hoping, charting, calculating, observing, any longer than I have to. You're either already pregnant now, or you are not. Hopefully you are!!! Baby dust to you both...


kEEKEE - August 25

Hi Greg!!! It sounds like you and your wife may be getting a bfp. She is one lucky lady. It is amazing how involved you are in ttc game. I hope you get your BFP soon. Pregnancy is in the air!!! Tons of Baby Dust!!!


Mica - August 25

As to your question, yes many have "had these symptoms and been positive"! That's why they are symptoms that you are looking for! It sounds very good! I think you're right to wait, so that you'll have a more likely chance of getting an accurate result instead of a false negative. Remember, first morining urine is most concetrated, and therefore, best to use. Let us know!


KimberlyM - August 26

Hi girls, I was just reading the board and found this post that sounded very familiar. Hmmmm......thats because Greg is my husband. You are all right, I am very lucky. I never know when he is reading the board. My first husband never wanted children which was a huge issue because we had 3 daughters , one of whom died shortly after her birth. I didn't know there were men who would be so interested and want children so much until Greg and I got back together. Okay enough...I'm rambling. I plan to test in the morning (Friday). Well, if my temp is still up. I will be 14DPO by then. I SO hope we are pregnant. It's hard enough to be disappointed by myself but, it's especially hard to disappoint DH. Blow any extra baby dust our way if you can. TIA


Mica - August 26

It's Friday----any news? How funny to find a post that your husband wrote about you! That's cute!


annette - August 26

Greg and kimberly, we are awaiting any update from you guys.. hope u get a bfp! good luck :)


Kimberly & Greg - August 26

Well, unfortunately there was no reason to test. My temp took a nose dive this morning and AF arrived about an hour ago. Of course, we are disappointed but, Greg a__sured me earlier that he will continue to record my temps and keep up with my chart and rub my feet (my favorite part) as long as it takes for us to get pregnant. Although I really wanted that BFP, if we had conceived this month the baby would have been due 3 days after the birth/angel day of my 2nd daughter who pa__sed away. That would have been difficult for me. I guess things happen for a reason. Keep an eye open for us next month Good luck to all of you and thanks for all the baby dust!!



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