Menstruation During Pregnancy

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Claire - July 11

Scenario: I had intercourse on the 11th-18 of January. I got my period on the 24th. Should i have missed that period if i was pregnant? or is it this coming one that i should wait for?


jess - February 6

if that 11-18th was time of ovulation and u have recieved ur period its possible u r not pregnant!


Gail - March 8

I thought i was pregnant because i had a lot of the symptoms and i even missed my period, but this past friday i got my period. The only thing was it was really light and lasted for about a day. (mine lasts 4-5 days)Is it safe to say that I'm not pregnant? Or should I go and still take a test?


SARAH - March 8



Jackie - March 14

I've been trying to find onfo about thqat all over because I have heard that you can get a lighter period even though you are pregnant


sasha - March 17

Few days after i had s_x, i felt some yeast infection, but got it cured with Canestine insert. But 2 days after i used the canestine, i noticed some blood fluid coming out from me, does it mean i was pregnant? Because the instuction said, do not use if you are pregnant. I had this blood spot for about 5 days and then had my period after 2 days which came normally and lasted normally, but then i am still worried if i might still be pregnant after all these. I don't experience much symptoms of pregnancy but i sleep a lot these days and eat a lot these days as well. thank you.


Trichel Dawson - March 18

If you were pregnant you could have missed ypur period. But since you don't miss it youshould wait for your next period to find out if you are pregnant


Anne - March 21

You should take a pregnancy test if you want to be sure. There are different types of bleeding a__sociated with early pregnancy, one of which is implantation bleeding (when the egg burrows into the lining of the uterus). During implantation bleeding some women will experience what seems like a normal menstrual cycle and others will have much lighter bleeding. And there are other causes of bleeding during early pregnancy. As I mentioned above, take a test to be sure.


michelle - April 11

is there any possibility for me to be pregnant because i had symptoms of pregnancy but i got my menstrual period.


marjorie - April 14

i had my period march 13 and i got my period april 13 but i had s_x april 11th and i think that he let off in me.. i might be pregnant


Sue - April 23

I know I'm pregnant, I've had the tests done both at home and blood work by my physician. I am know just reaching 13 weeks and went to the bathroom and noticed that I was bleeding almost like it were that time of the month? No cramping, no pains? Is this normal, this is my second child? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


Anna - May 11

I wish I could be more helpful but I can only give you my experience. I took a pregnancy test two days before my period was due because I was having sypmtoms of pregnancy. The test was positive. The evening of the day that I took my test, I noticed some very light pink blood in my underwear. The next morning was when my regular period was due and it came. I ended up having terrible cramping and regular bleeding. I had my husband take me to the hospital because I wasn't sure why I would have gotten my period if I was pregnant. He suggested that my hormone levels may not have been high enough. I thought I was having a miscarriage, but the doctor told me that I was indeed pregnant and return to the hospital if my condition did not improve or if bleeding or cramping became abnormal. It is now 4 days into my period and the cramping has lessened almost entirely and the bleeding has stopped. So now, I must wait and take a test in about two days to find out if my baby survived the craziness it must have endured. Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you.


Holly - June 4

This is for Anna. I to, was experiencing some signs of pregnancy. I was 2 days late starting my period. And today, makes day 4 of having it. I have had cramps just like i normally would. I was feeling pretty depressed until i read your message, because i was worried maybe it was all in my head and maybe i wasnt pregant. i never took a test, but read a lot of what the signs were and i had a lot. so, i guess all i can do is wait, act like i'm not, and keep trying during my next supposived "ovulation time". I'm eager to find out what happens for you Anna, and i hope you read this, maybe we can both have some hope together and find out we are pregnant. God bless ya


tina - June 18

is menstruation during pregnancy possible?


bbygyrlk - June 23

I was 7 days late, and thought I was pregnant. I took a HPT at day 5 of my missed period because I had all the signs/symptoms, especially the cravings. I am a vegetarian and I started desperately craving meat. However the test was negative. Then when I got my period 7 days late,it was really heavy, but I usually have it for 7 or 8 days and I only had it for 5 days. I still have pregnancy symptoms but I haven't taken another test (they're too expensive). I am a__suming that I am not pregnant. From what I've read, it is possible to have your period during pregnancy but it is not normal or common.


Hayley - June 30

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Hayley - June 30

Can I use canestine while in the early stages of prengancy for thursh



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