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unsure - February 25

wat the h__l does a metallic taste taste like


izzy - February 25

like a sour nasty taste like putting foil in your mouth. it doesn't go away with anything, makes your mouth water.


izzy - February 25

read nasty tast.


unsure - February 25

well i have got funny taste in my mouth n my mouth is very watery but im no sure if it taste likefil as i have never tried eating foil, but do have alot of extra saliva (tmi soz) n bad back nb___b are sore and very sicky feeing ost of the day n nite


!! - February 25



izzy - February 25

maybe foil was a bad example. but it is a very nasty taste. when is af due?


unsure - February 25

izzy : my af is due tomoz. but im hoping she dont show as we ar ttc, wat do u think my chances are


unsure - February 25

izzy : also seem to be spending alot of time in the toilet n slleping 8 - 10 hrs a nite then also 1 -2 hrs in the day


izzy - February 25

it sounds promising. are you have in pms symptoms?


unsure - February 25

izzy : i usually have achy b___bs when i pms in, but ive discovered i got some creamy lotion like discharge which i have had for a few days now, aint i supposed to be dry b4 af arrives


izzy - February 25

if you are normally dry before af and you have cm, then those are very good signs. baby dust.


Serenna - February 25

This may sound weird but have u ever put your keys in your mouth? Well to me that's exactly what the taste was like to me. Hope that helps. **~Baby Dust~**


joy - April 1



Lyla - April 1

Hello Ladies, Im 13 weeks pregnant today and I just started to get a bitter taste in my mouth. It lingers at the end of my tongue. I would not even go away after brushing my teeth several times in a row.


Jes - April 1

For me, it was like I was sucking on a penny. At the time I was on antibiotic, and I thought it was a side effect of that. Of course I thought the nausea was too, but that still hasn't gone away


tammy - April 2

Sucking on a penny was exactly how it tasted to me, don't ask how I know what a penny tastes like. I even started to wake up in druel,TMI sorry. It was all over my pillow case and I never druel in my sleep. The matallic taste only lasted about 2 days for me. How long did it last for you all?


Erin - April 2

Tammy, I experienced this for a couple days, but I don't know if I'm pregnant yet? Were you pregnant?



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