Metallic Taste In My Mouth

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Megs - January 18

So tonight I went to dinner at my mom's and she made her oh so famous Mac-N-Cheese with crust on top! DELICIOIUS!!! (Along with ham and veggie melody) So I get my plate and am ready to dig in. I take a bite of the mac-n-cheese and it taste weird to me. Cannot pinpoint it. I kept eating and now everything has this weird taste to me. Metallicy feeling. Even now hours after eating I can still taste it! The only other thing I've had to eat today is two slices of peanut butter toast with a glass of chocolate milk. YUM YUM! Obviously not pg becuase I've had AF and yet to O this cycle. What else could cause this?? DH suggested zinc poisioning but after looking at my vitamins I take I switched and actually went from 25 mg to 15 mg now. So...... What else do ya think??? Never had this before so I'm curious and for it to just "all the sudden show up". WERID! Thanks!


Megs - January 18

Ah, on the way home I asked my brother if he noticed anything and he said that it wasn't as cheesy as it usually is... Mom said that they have recently switched to county water, they had well before, so I wonder if that's it... Gonna brush my teeth like crazy tonight and see if it doesn't go away! I read that prenatals cause this... Maybe switching is causing me problems. ??? Good grief!


lissica - January 18

Hi megs..i have had that taste on occasion but never during the 2ww or i would have flipped! I have often wondered as well what causes it. The water theory makes sense.


DownbutnotOUT - January 19

im not sure if it is the water because if so the rest of your family would taste it, did they? for me I got the metalic taste i think it was just before i got my bfp or right after. thats very odd though if you already had af and getting that weird taste its one of the better signs of pregnancy.


Megs - January 19

Yeah, still not in the tww... LOL :-) Gotta love my unreliable cycles! Well, while eating mom made the comment on how delicious it was so I don't think she tasted it and she was also drinking water for dinner... Now my brother said it just wasn't as cheesey as before but he also had a Root Beer to drink at dinner. So officially, I cannot rely on a single "sign" of pregnancy becuase I've had them all without being pregnant!! LOL And not even during the tww!!! Go figure. So I just don't know... This morning I still taste it a little but not NEARLY as bad. The real test will be when I eat breakfast, will I taste it then... BTW, don't know if it makes a difference or not but I even drank water out of their fridge which is filtered. Not sure what all for but it's filtered. Oh well! Maybe it's a sign of O for me?? LOL Thanks for your thoughts!



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