Metallic Taste Please Explain

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Patsy - February 11

Okie i hear people talk about metallic taste? im not sure.. how do you know? like i sound stupid but what do u test urself by biting on a piece of alumnum foil? and if u have metallic taste where do you feel it? front of your teeth? your molars? and my other questions is.. do you mean u ahve this tingling sensation when you bit on something metallic (if that's what u do) or you feel the metallic taste??? but i remember when i was younger sometimes i'll put keys or something in my mouth like when my hands or full and i'll have this taste... is that what it is? Anyways i know i sound a bit stupid but im kinda of confused..


sarel - February 11

I heard that too, I just thought it meant that some things will taste metallic but I could be wrong


Callie - February 11

I'm not really sure how to describe it but it is just this really metallic (you'll know it when you taste it, not literally) taste that is in your mouth. Your entire mouth.


sarel - February 11

when do you start to have that taste? I'm not looking forward to that!


Grandpa Viv - February 11

Sometimes women describe this as the taste in your mouth that makes you wonder if you are going to puke. The other linked symptom is "excess saliva" (and sometimes runny nose). Maybe its a twinge from the salivary glands working overtime.


Patsy - February 11

oh hmm.. i was thinking i'll have to test with a peice of aluminum foil =/ woops.. thanks guys


sarel - February 11

I've been feeling sick, but I never got that metallic taste in my mouth. Does it happen to every woman?


Question - February 11

excessive saliva? but hw do u know it's because ur preggie or u just ahve it due to soem unknown reason?


shaz - February 12

i think its like when you have a bad cold and your salivia tastes nasty


It doesn't - February 12

It doesn't mean that you are automatically pregnant..come on ladies! It is a POSSIBILITY of a symptom.



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