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she_is_sweet - June 15

I wasn't sure where to put this as i highly doubt im pregnant but i thought maybe some of you ladies may have had an experience with this. Last time for BDing was May 8th using the pull out method. Had a what seemed to be normal period at normal time..and now AF should be here on the 21rst. But today i noticed a good amount of rusty brown blood when i wiped just once. I have also noticed it yesterday when wiping in such tiny amounts that i just dismissed it thinking i was seeing things at CD 21 until i saw that sizeable amount today. So after a regular AF i spot 6-7dpo and with no major stress or changes in my life? What else could be it be?


Grandpa Viv - June 16

Odd. Occasionally a woman will have a seemingly normal period and still be pregnant. You are not reciting any list of pregnancy signs at what you think may be 7 weeks. I doubt you are pregnant, but a test costs little and would set your mind at ease. You did have unprotected s_x in the fertile window. If it is important not to get pregnant, you should change that. Buy your own condoms and make sure they get put on right! GL!


she_is_sweet - June 16

Well, as i stated im like 99% sure i had a normal full fledged AF on may 25th. i brushed off the barely noticeable spotting June 14th but couldn't deny it on the 15th as i had two episodes of big amounts of spotting and today June 16th im back at barely noticeable amounts of spotting and allof this is only when i wipe. This may or may not be revelevant but for the past few days ive been having this cramping/pain in the bend of my leg near my crotch. I just want to know if this is just a whacked out cycle or if anyone thinks it could be anything more than that whether or not they think its pregnancy? Oh yeah i havent mentioned any PG symptoms because i dont have any; i dont feel nausea or have cravings or anything. I just have the regular b___st tenderness and and this spotting is not accompanied by cramping either. Thank you for your time.


she_is_sweet - June 16

Ok, I BDed May 8th...had AF May 25th and no BDing after that now im having the spotting June 14th. Maybe that makes more sense?


she_is_sweet - June 17

I had a tremendous amount of brown spotting/blood earlier. So, im guessing AF is coming early which would be almost a week early. That means low progesterone, right? nothing like a cyst or anything? I just thought it was weird it started off in tiny amounts of a red hue and ends in large amounts of brown. Does anyone have this frequently? or have had it and had an underlying problem besides a hormonal fluctuation?



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