Might Be Pregnant Had A Baby 4months Ago

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jess - August 6

i am 22 yrs old with 2 kids and i had i mc, so you think that i would know the symptoms by now. my boyfriend and i are always s_xually active. i had a baby boy march 5 and i am not br___t feeding. my milk dried up before the end of april. i got my lmp 6/24-6/29, around 7/6 my bbobs got tender then leaked out of nowhere 7/10 and on and off now. i had brown spotting 7/12-15 i took an hpt 7/16 it was ng. could i be pregnant again????


Lynn - July 20

Sorry if I sound rude but you have two children already and the youngest is 4 months what are you thinking not using protection to not be pregnant again right now. Go to the doctor and see what is wrong.


Jess - July 20

i went to the dr and they he said that i am going to have to wite until after the 24. i am not a stupid person but i was seeing if anyone else has ever been in this situation. i've read some replies on this board and there are a ton of rube people. and all i have to say is if you are so perfect then what are you you doing on a message board!!!!!and i am 22 yrs old live in my own house, I'm healthy and a stay at home mom so what is the problem with not using pertection


Anne - July 20

Jess I agree with you, people on here are very rude! I submitted a question when I first got pregnant and a lot of people were kinda rude. anyways, my cousin and his fiance' had their first baby girl on May 26th. around 4 1/2 months later, we found out she was pregnant again and she is only 20 so don't let anyone say anything bad about you on here because everyone on here must be pregnant or wanting to be pregnant or else they wouldn't be on this site! I would say wait about a week or so and take a HPT or go back to your doctor and good luck and I hope everything turns out the way you want it to.


SL33 - August 6

I am in a similar situation, except my son is 10 weeks old, I had my period on July 21-July 25 and had unprotected s_x after that and now Aug 4 I am having spotting--first light pink and now dark brown, it's really weird, so I am wondering if I too vould be pregnant!



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