Mild Cramps Aches And Tired

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Shiloh - May 30

I am two weeks past when I had s_x ( was protected until the condom fell off and got stuck inside). I have felt these mild cramps that i usually get before my period comes or during my period...they have been off and on for the last week now. I have felt quesy about eating then I get really hungry then quesy again...that happened for a day or two...and the last 4 days I have been soooooo tired. I'm usually exhausted enough for a nap even though I have been sleeping thorugh the nite??? I have done two urine tests but maybe I'm still too early for that as both have been negative. Am I wishful thinking here or are these truly signs?


Shiloh - May 25

Just got some brown AF type stuff but when I usually get that at beginning of my AF it's normally dry first and then next day get more into the this is brown and not dry. Is this another sign? Is this the brown stuff they talk about during implantation time? Would it take over 2 weeks for implantation?


Shelly - May 26

These are signs. Are you late for your period? If you're not yet the home test won't work. If you want to know for sure quickly, have a blood test done at your doctor's office or a clinic. Blood tests can tell if you're pregnant before you miss a period.


Shiloh - May 26

Thanks Shelly. Yes I was past due for my period last week and started getting the brown stuff last nite and today. I had a blood test done yesterday morning so I am now in the waiting time-zone. I have heard that sometimes even earlier blood tests can be negative as well? Should you test weekly if you are positive that you are pregnant?


Shiloh - May 27

Ok so today is now 2nd day with brown period and two times I had spotting of bright red stuff...usually it's dark red?? Does this mean this is the next sign?? I'm still waiting on my blood test results and I just want to know what the outcome is...this waiting is driving me nutzo!!


felicia - May 28

go to the doc and get a dna test. planned parenthood could also help you. they are free and confidential too. call them at 1800230plan, and ask them what you should do


Shiloh - May 28

Thanks Felicia I am waiting for results and I get them Monday morning from dr...results came in today and I have to see her about them on Monday for a "followup"


felicia - May 29

hi glad i could have been of some help. some ppl dont give me enff credit since im only 18, but i not dumb, and i definatly know what im talking about. good luck!


Kim - May 30

I had those "cramps" for the first two months that I was pregnant and I was so tired I started going to bed even if I missed Survivor!! :-) Good luck with the tests.



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