Military Wife Overseas And Can T Figure Out If I M Pregnant

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militarywife - May 8

I am 22 years old and my husband and I decided to go off the pill on Feb. 13 since that was the last day of the pill cycle anyway and we would start fresh after my period. Well, I have always had irregular periods but not this irregular. I had a minor period on March 10 and it only lasted two days. By calendar standards my period should have shown up somewhere around April 13th and it never came now it's May 8th and it's still not here. For the last two weeks my br___ts were really sore but now that went away also. I don't have any PMS symptoms but I took a pregnancy test two days ago and there was not a clear second line. It was very faint and could only be seen at a tilt. I also had a weird food craving for baked beans and fritos mixed together. I've never done anything like that. Could I be pregnant this early in the game after only been off the pill for 3 months?? I was on it for 5 years and assumed it would at least take 6 months for my body to get it out of its system? I'm really worried because I'm overseas and my husband is gone a lot with the military so I don't want him to get excited about nothing. Please somebody help me I don't know what I should do!!


Amber #2 - May 8

Yes, it is DEFINITELY possible to get pregnant right after getting off the pill! I would say that maybe you took a test that wasn't that sensitive and you just didn't have a lot of HCG for it to make a dark line! I say test again with a different brand (maybe first response) as it can detect the pregnancy hormone up to 4 days before your missed period. I think that would be the best bet since you don't have an exact date on when you would be considered *late* or know exactly when you ovulated. Good luck!!!


Lin - May 8

As Amber said, it's certainly possible to get pregnant right off the pill. That said, it can also take up to a few months off the pill to see your first period. Some women get a period right away (I did), but some don't. Take a test again in a week, and if you are indeed pregnant already, you should see a dark positive by then. Best of luck to you!


Mandy - May 9

I was on Depo for almost 4 years and got off it in july and got prego in yes its possible to get prego after the pill.


snickelfritz - May 9

It's certainly possible. I'd test again... a light line is very promising. My husband is trying to get into the Army right now... the plan is for everything to be done and him to be a contracted Army Officer by the end of the week! But we're looking at the probability that he'll miss most of my pregnancy too (provided we get pg during our "window"). Lots of luck to you! Test again!



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