Milky Watery CM

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April - October 26

Has anyone had a milky/watery CM discharge? Or, do you have any idea as to what it may mean?


Nicole - October 26

Hi April, I'm having the same thing, I did that for about 3 days and now it's clear/almost egg like. I've been having a lot of ab. pain, headaches, lower leg pain, feeling sick and odd eating habbits as well. I hope I'm pregnant and I hope my mind isn't playing tricks on me !!


kristal - October 26

I am not sure what CM means but I am having a egg like discharge that is slippary and it has a tiny string of blood in it. I am having the same leg paing and funky eating habbits that Nicole is if someone finds out please inform me so I will at least have a clue. Thanks


April - October 27

Hi Nicole! That is why I am confused. Because my ovulation day was supposed to be yesterday. They say that you gett his discharge before you ovulate. It then turns into the egg white which means you are ovulating. I haven't really had any symptoms except tired and going to the bathroom it seems more than usual.


Kira - October 27

Well im 6dpo and i still have milky/watery cm. But im also very nausceus, eatting alot, peeing alot. But i dunno cause im also going though a throat cold (only symptom is sore throat)


Christina - October 27

Is this what you mean by water CM. My last period was on Oct. 9th. This week I have been having increased mucus since monday (egg white).Then Last night me and my fiance had s_x but it was really waterie like wetness? Am i still ovulating did i ovulate? Advise please my cycles have been ranging from 29-32 days. Baby dust to all.


April - October 27

Christina, my last period started on Oct. 9th as well. According to the ovulation calendars online, we should have been ovulating yesterday or the day before. My cycles are also 30-31 days. Still having watery CM today.


Mollie - October 27

I had a lot from ovulation until AF should have showed - and turned out to be PG.


April - October 27

Mollie, was it just watery and sort of clear? From what I have read you are supposed to dry up somewhat after ovulation has occurred. Although ovulation for me was within the past couple of days, we'll have to see if the dryness occurs. For now, this watery CM has been pretty consistent.


To April - October 27

Sometimes it was clear, other times kinda cloudy. Definately not white. Seemed to be the consistency of EWCM but wasn't sticky. Hope that helps!


April - October 28

Thanks for the reply! That is the way mine currently is. I will be keeping an eye on it. My period isn't due until around Nov. 9th so I have a couple weeks to wait, which is going to kill me.



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