Milky White Discharge

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sandi - April 28

i think i might be pregnant. i have been pregnant 3 times before and never experienced this. when i wiped myself last night i had a milky white discharge and it also was in my panties. has anyone else experienced this. and what is this from


Pattie - May 20

I too am 8-DPO and have been having a very milky lotion like CM, not pasty. sandi, I am not due for AF until 5-26, no cramping, no watery like CM like last month. Im hoping this is a sign of early prego too/ Keep me posted


liz - May 21

me too........


PATTIE - May 21

I think I answered only one part of your post, sorry. I don't really know what causes the milky white lotion CM, but I might guess to say that it might have something to do with the mucus plug building up and this might be part of that, just a guess, but a lot of ladies who have had the milky white lotion discharge were BFP, so whatever it is, hopefully its good, right!


jjjj - May 23

when your ovulating you sometimes get a white discharge your not pregnant relax i get it all the time when i am ovulating


Dawn - May 24

to jjjj-when ovulating the CM is is usually clear and stretchy not milky, white and like lotion.


plese - May 24

alright see now i am confused.... cuz arlight... i am verry wet down there... i have been thinking that i am prentna since last month when i got wut i think was implnation bleeding but lasted for about a day n a half.. and was ver light... i feel wet somtimeis to the point where i think that im starting my period( its not ovulation time either just put it lik ethat)..... i have a dishcarage... somtiies lotionay and stretchy..... other time sjus stretchy and clear with a lil color in it.... i am not sure if this is a sign of prenancy.... please help me


hi - May 24

cm is not a very reliable source for pregnancy symptoms. After i ovulate i always have a white milky discharge when i'm getting close to af. wouldn't get my hopes up to much if the cm is the only sign. Good luck!


carol - May 25

white milky discharge is a normal part of cycle. sometimes its just more obvious than other times.


Pattie - May 25

**plese** look back at previous posts where Grandpa Viv speaks about the CM he specifically says something about the "milky white lotion cm", and that at the end of your cycle it is a sign of preggo, check it out. Also, listen to your own body, because everyone is different, as shown if you read all of these. Watch your "own" body for a few months. Chart everything, then and only then take notice to things that were different from all the other months. It has taken me 6 months to try to understand the whole thing, and I still question, that is why some doctors tell you not to go on to these web cites. I know it is addicting, I am addicted myself. It's hard to not want to have similarities with other women. Maybe look at the ones that have actually had BFP and then compare if you want. Good Luck and I hope BFP happens for you.



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