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STUMPED - October 29

We have two children and my wife visually shows the exact same weight gain and progressive features as when she was preg with the other two pregnancies . She has not had a period since late June and she was sure she was preg shortly after but preg test says no , ultrasound says no , blood tests say no everything says no , negative , notta . Menpause could be what the situation is but according to what she said full menopause (the bloating ceasing of cycle) cannot occur until 12 months after last period . At first , when she thought she was preg. I doubted it but now I am wondering I am as stumped and confused as she was when she found out she wasn't . This is too weird and I don't know what to believe . She says she doesn't feel preg but I'm even wondering if she is saying that to protect herself emotionally because all tests say she is not .... last test (blood work) was one month ago ultrasound was around late aug. She looks so obvious I don't even know what question I'm supposed to ask here . Am I , or is my wife , or are the doctors imagining things ?


just a thought - October 29

if you and your wife believe she could be and its not showing up she should act as if she was to protect herself and the baby and maybe get a second opinion docs aren't always right the first time....


Steph - October 29

The most definate way that you are going to find out is through an ultrasound. If she had one now, it would definatley show. Good Luck.


ashley - October 29

I would get a second opinion. It could be a chemical pregnancy or as they call a ghost pregnancy....it needs to be looked into.


Mica - October 29

A simple pelvic exam would definatly show an enlarged uterus by now. After 12 weeks gestation the enlarged uterus can be felt by a healthcare provider. This is a fool-proof way to find out. best to you!


Mother of 6 - October 29

To Stumped, If your wife had an ultrasound 1 month ago, the would have definately seen a baby. You can see signs of a pregnancy shortly after implantation (a gestational sac). If the ultrasound and blood tests show no baby, then something else is going on. Menapause or Perimenapause can show itself at any time, depending on hormones and her family history. If menapause only came 12 months after the last period, you would have to count 12 months from every period and you would never get there...How old is your wife? How old were the women in her family when the started menapausal symptoms? Signs of menapause can differ from person to person. The best advise I can offer you is to have her see a doctor to get blood work done. She should have her thyroid checked along with other hormones. Find a good doctor, one who will explain things to you both and who will not just brush off her feelings. I seriously doubt pregnancy unless she just got pregnant within the last month from the ultrasound. Communication between you and your wife should always be an open one. It is never wrong to voice a concern for her health and it shows you as a loving spouse. Neither one of you is imagining things. She feels how she feels and your eyes do not deceive you. The doctors aren't imagining things either. You just need to find the right answer. Good luck to you!


to Stumped - October 29

I am in the same situation as your wife. My friend cannot believe I am not pregnant. Everything saying no except my body and my signs that says yes. I do not have any menopause, cysts, fibroids, thyroids problem everything is normal. They want to say it is in my head, but my friend if it is in my head then it is his head too. And his friends, because they all think I am.



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