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BeckyH2785 - August 23

Well this is what's wrong my LMP was July 12th and between the dates of august 1st and 5th I had very light spotting and then it quit I have been going to the bathroom more than usual my br___t are tender but not a whole lot i get cravings that i cant subside along side with wanting to eat all the time any how I have taken 3 or 4 ept's including the one i did this morning and they all came back neg. I truely feel like I am but everything else says no can some one please help me im so confussed thank you and god bless


schreck - August 23

Wait a couple days and then retest using first morning urine. If it still comes back neg. call and get an appt. to see your doc.


BeckyH2785 - August 23

Schreck thank you for your advice but do you really think that a couple more days will make a difference or should I see my doc sooner because it's been like 41 days so far what do you think the spotting was from could it of been IB thank you again and god bless you.


teresap - August 23

Becky, it very well could have been IB. I am going through the same except no IB. May LMP was on July 15th. Good luck to you!


Grandpa Viv - August 24

It is real late to be getting negative tests still. Did you have good exposure around ovulation time (Jul 26?). Consider the possibility that a cyst produces hormones that can mimic pregnancy. My suggestion is to call the doc if you are still confused at the time of your next period. Good luck!


krissy2006 - August 24

STOP SCARING GIRLS WITH THE IDEA OF CYSTS... That is a doctors job viv!! If you wanna give advice and you think that it could possibly be a cyst, suggest the girl see her doctor so the doctor can adequately educate the girl about cysts... Becky, it could be pregnancy or as Viv said (but shouldn't have) a cyst. Cysts are nothing to be worried about and are normal... if your period doesn't come on and you continue getting negatives you should see a doctor where they will rule out pregnancy (or rule it in... :) ) and rule out cysts, hormonal imbalance, thryoid problems etc. GL!



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