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Tweep - January 19

Hello, Okay, so I have been trying to figure things out before I actually see a doctor and have found much information. Here's the deal; I have been on Mirena for a year and am wondering if I could be pregnant but don't want to panic. I read that your periods can disappear but it seems like what I have found is that it is gradual, I don't know. I had regular periods with Mirena, just not heavy or anything. Now this last month, I had ONE day of ONE spot of brownish color and that is it. I am only about a week past due. I don't have much for pregnancy symptoms except I am so tired all the time and it was a sudden onset. Until then, my coffee was enough to keep me awake. Now, I can drink almost two pots and still be so tired. All could be just coincidence I suppose, just seems different for me. I do have my annual scheduled for a couple of weeks out and kind of wanted to wait until then for anything. Anyone have any thoughts on this? If I am pregnant, is it for sure I would lose baby?


ashleysmama - January 22

I feel for ya ... i posted a few days after yours about the same thing. I have had mirena for 3 1/2yrs, and i cant stand it. i have had ovarian cysts due to this stupid thing and multiple u/s. everytime i go in for a check up they cant find my strings, but find it along with a cyst everytime!! maybe that is my problem now, but i dont have any pain like that. i am 18 days late, been cramping now for about 10 days, no spotting, no blood whatsoever. 2 neg hpt tests, my b___bs are sore, and nipples tingle. i went this am for a blood test to ease my mind. if i am i want to find out asap. i have read cases on the net of healthy pg, and some who have lost due to the iud staying in, or out. from what i interpret, it is a very slim chance to get pg on iud, then if you are, its a 50/50 on ectopic or mc vs. healthy outcome. they need to do more studies. the only cases i have read are first hand accounts from the moms themselves. i haven found a mirena company site that tells about pg, only that there is a very small chance of pg. weird thing is, most women after a few months lose the period, then after a couple of years it magically comes back full force. i have been regular, and super light the whole time, and now NOTHING. no dribble, no spots - nothing. the only thing i got was a faint pink spot when i wiped one day a few days before i was due. if i hadnt of looked i would never have noticed it (hmm, sounds like implantation to me). there was never anything in my underware. i am now researching ectopic pg and signs -- i have none of those symptoms either, not yet anyway, and i would be about 7 wks to my calculation and should be showing signs of ectopic if i had one. so i am just puzzled. i have a stressful life, but honestly, up until this past sunday i hadnt stressed out - but the longer it goes, the worse i get, and i am soooooo freaking emotional, crying, moody, etc. but - still no period. i guess its just a waiting game. oh - and fyi, from all the sites i have been to, you would be amazed to learn how the mirena iud mimics pg symptoms in women. what good is it to be on bc when you constantly worry over being pg because you have the sypmtoms all the time!!!! i cant wait to get this thing out. kinda afraid though, i am a BAD pill taker, that is how i got pg with my daughter!!! darned if you do, darned if you dont!!! good luck to you, hopefully soon we will get the answers to our questions.



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