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mommy2bagain - November 25

h__lo ladies, I'm in my second trimester and I believe i'm having a miscarriage. I'm having bleeding similar to a period. some of it is red and some is brown. I passed one small piece of pink tissue and had a few brown sticky blood clots. I haven't had any cramping just feelings of pressure around my pelvic area. A small amount of the blood has been bright red but most of it has been dark red and light brown. There was minimum flow so it's not a heavy bleeding. It seems as it is disappearing though but not for sure. If so this bleeding/spotting has only lasted for about 5 hours. This is not from having s_x or getting any testing done. it just came about today.Tomorrow is sunday so there is no way of contacting anyone. I'm not sure what i should do. Do you ladies think this is a possible miscarriage even though i am in my second trimester?


Corrie - November 25

Please go to the Hospital to have this checked ASAP. Spotting can be caused for multiple reasons, but to be bleeding similar to a period with clots being pa__sed..you MUST see a doctor at once. Better to be safe, than sorry. Good Luck~


grow_up - November 25

You need to go to the er at the hospital. It's possible a small part of your placenta has detatched and that's what is causing the bleeding. Depending on how far you are, you may need meds to stop labor if it begins, probably be put on bed rest, and given special instructions on how to be taking care of yourself. The can do bloodwork, monitor the baby's heartbeat, and do an unltrasound to figure out possible causes of bleeding. It really needs to be looked at so please go in to the hospital.


Faye84 - November 26

Go to the hospital, You are far enough along to where IF something was wrong they could possibly do something to help ( ex Bedrest). Pa__ssing blood clots its not normal.



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