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Unsure - March 23

Had two strange periods and more preg signs up until this week. Feb 10, I had only a day and a half of brown spotting and then I was done and next one after that Feb 27 I was early and spotted off and on for about five days and then yesterday a/f came and I'm probably going to go through a box or possibly two of Super tampons but the blood is really red and light not like most period blood which is a darker red. I've been charting my BBT temps and they really spiked on Sunday at a temp of 37.0 Celcius and then dropped to 36.85 Monday and 36.35 today. But my temps were on the rise up until Monday consistently. This weekend also then I started with the sore bbs and still have dark aerolas and purplish labia which I thought was a really good sign but now the difference is the mild cramping went to major cramping? Has anyone ever had this or found out they were pregnant? Not sure if I should go see a ob?


Jena - March 23

I think you should see your doctor to find out what is up. Good luck to you!


louise - March 23

i thik you may be experiencing a miscarry. not something you want to hear i know. the best bet is to go to your nearest casulty/er department and they will send you down to early pregnancy for an internal ultrasound. best of luck and my thoughts are with you


Unsure - March 23

Also can someone please share their symptoms so I can tell what to look for if I did m/c. I know it maybe difficult to share as this is a sensitive issue but I'm new at first trying to get preg and if I did m/c then I will seek help and any information would be very helpful and much appreciated.


bp - March 23



chriss - March 23

To unsure - I experience a complete miscarriage about two weeks ago. I was four days late for my period which is really unusual and I was having preg symptoms so I did a test and got a faint positive. I was so excited, then the next day I started to cramp and bleed, really dark (almost black) blook clots, only clots. I usually have a very lite period anyway. When the cramping began, I lost all preg symptoms within days and the next day I took a test and the positive sign was even lighter than before. I had cramping for about a week. I would say that if I wasn't ttc, I probably never would have know that I was pregnant, except for the symptoms. You really should to your Doctor to make sure that everything is ok. They also recommend that you wait 1 to 3 cycles after a m/c before ttc again. Good luck to you!!


bump - March 24




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