Miscarriage Normal Or What

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Rhonda - November 3

Hi, I took a test a little over a week ago it was faintly positive. 2 days later I began to spot, didn't know what to think. So I made an appointment with my DR. Seen him on Monday, he examined me and said my uterus is expanding and there was more bleeding then he likes to see, so he sent me for an ultrasound. I could see the heartbeat and the yolk sac the baby feeds on right now, so that all looked good. Then when I went back in to see the Dr. he just said to take it easy and see me in a month like everything will be ok. Now I still have very light spotting, I am so worried the Dr. didn' t really say much. I just need some positive input from someone please, so scared!!


nicky - November 3

my best friend spotted her entire first trimester...they told her the same thing, just so long as it was not heavy bleeding with bad cramps. she did fine. i actually know several people that bled the first few months. best of luck and congrats!!!!


J. - November 3

Hi Nicky. When you say bled the first few months into their pregnancy, was it just very light spotting or did they actually have what seemed to be a regular flow???? thanks.


Rhonda - November 3

Thanks, Nicky that does make me feel better, still can't help worrying. Anyone else know about this??


angel - November 3

i had a frined and she had a normal period her first 6 months of being pregnant and the baby was fine :) good luck and i hope everything is ok :)


RMT - November 3

To Angel: When speaking of your friend that had her normal period 6 months into her pregnancy, did she by any chance have a negative result for a pregnancy test? Did she have any other symptoms that would indicate pregnancy besides the bleeding? Thanks


Alyssa - November 3

I'm 8 weeks and 1 day PG and tomorrow will be exactly one month that I have been spotting (brown.) Everything is fine for me and the baby is growing great! Just like nicky said, as long as it is not heavy bleeding with cramping you should be fine.


RMT - November 3

Hey Alyssa... Even when you were spotting brown did you have a positive pregnancy test? I am a__suming that you still had symptoms of pregnancy, did you mistake those for pms? I know that it is not rare for people to have periods while pregnant and not even know it; but have pregnancy symptoms that are indicative of pregnancy??? I am in limbo as of this moment. I have asked questions in other post and I want to know. I have my period that has been of and on, but not light and not heavy? Still I am having prominet signs of pregnancy? Took a test and it came out negative... Could I be or am I just in denile?



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