Miscarriage Or Heavy Period

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Lauren - August 8

My boyfriend and I were both virgins together. Our third time the condom broke. I am fairly in tune with my body and can tell when i am ovulating. Well, a couple days later I ovulated. I began to have br___t tenderness and hormonal mood swings. The mood swings starting about a week later and the tenderness almost three weeks later. Being a college student, I wasn't happy about the thought of being pregnant and didn't talk to my boyfriend about my concerns, I was just really moody. I worked non stop and was really stressed. Also I had had an eating disorder in high school. A month later I was 8-9 days late and still hadn't taken the test yet. That night I got horrible awful cramps and the blood was more red looking than normal. Everything was different and it lasted several days longer than a normal period. And then I waited to see my next period and it was 6 weeks out, which is something i read usually happens after a miscarriage. I know there is no way to tell because I didn't take that test, but it would be nice to know someone's thoughts on it. I feel badly because of my disorder in hs and working to hard and being too stressed.


Lynn - August 8

Your body may be out of wack because of your eating disorder. Have you went to the doctor for a thorough physical? And all of the stress may be what is causing your period to be so late. Only advice i can give you is see a doctor you may need a d&c or some kind of nutritional help. Other than that stay healthy. And if u think you may be pregnant in the future make sure to test and then decide what to do with your child. Its better for your health . Good luck!


Maisha - August 8

Don't feel bad laren i had a miscarriage two months ago and at first i felt bad when the fact of the matter was i was a graduateing junior and i knew i couldn't take care of a child being a senior in high school so when i lost it i wasn't upset until it hit me that i had lost my child. and i cried like a big baby.But it was for the best. But for your situation it sounds like you werent ready either. You can have more . I know when i lost mine i had just had a period maybe two weeks before and then me and my boyfriend had s_x and the way he came the sperm that was on his p___s had touched my v____a hole and i quickly wiped it off. But then a week after that i was cleaning up and i had this very sharp pain in my stomach then i started spottingblood that when i figured it out. And the doctor said that she didn't think i was pregent because your not suppose to bleed right after s_x not like that anyways but i knew my body noone knows your body like i you do.



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