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JessicaC - June 23

Hi guys, I know this is a sad subject, but I was just wondering. Does anyone have any idea of how common it is to have early miscarriages? I mean, I try to be healthy, but I'm nervous that if I do get pregnant I might have a miscarriage. My mom had one in the 4th month of her pregnancy (the only other pregnancy besides me), but she wasn't living a very healthy lifestyle at the time. I'm just so scared that I'll find out I'm pregnant and be so excited and miscarry :( Thanks.


jessieb - June 23

early miscarriages are more common than many people know. percentages on the subject vary widely. some say that 25% of all pregnancies. some 33% of all pregnancies. the number is very hard to pinpoint because so many times a woman can miscarry before she even knows she is pregnant. she will often think her period is just heavy and maybe a little late. any woman will tell you it is always a fear but you can't let it affect you. i have had two in a row now. i have no children. when i was pregnant the second time, i will admit, i thought about it happening ALL the time. it was in the back of my head. i tried not to let it in and affect me. it wasn't until i saw blood that i started to worry. ***** bleeding during pregnancy does not always mean miscarraige. (it has for me, but that is not the case for everyone) lifestyle may have something to do with rates of miscarriage. the most common cause is, undefineable. genetic errors during cell division. NO mattter when, early or late in the pregnancy, the baby will be missed and the loss will be tremendous. feel free to ask more. i have become a little miscarriage info booth. how could i not after two? :)


LN030905 - June 23

Ive never had one..but I also have no children so I do not know much but it does seem like they are very common..A couple years ago my best friends mom (is a nurse) and said that almost every woman has one at some point or another..but that she doesnt know it, bcause like Jessieb said, because it is soo early in the pregnancy. It is a very scary thing. My heart goes out to anyone who has to experience one of those, but for those who hve to go through multiple mc..it really breaks my heart for them.


JessicaC - June 23

I hate something like that being out of my control. Well, if I am pg, I will just try to be really optimistic. I also don't have any children, which might be why I'm so scared! Thanks JessieB and LN for sharing. I really appreciate it. I'm just going to try to keep positive thoughts! Thanks again.


VenusdiMilo - June 23

JessicaC, try not to worry too much about the unknown. This happened to your mother and like you said her lifestyle wasn't all together. So, don't put the cart before the horse…have faith and know you’ll be fine.


AshleyB - June 23

Hi JessicaC, I have had one. It was my first pregnancy and I'm now 15wks and doing well. But Like the other girls said it is completely out of your control. When a baby is being made, there is SOOOO much room for error because there are so many amazing things going on, that it's actually a security factor that your body will take care of it for you if the baby is not right. And it's true that every woman will probably have a m/c at some point in her life, but may not know about it. All you can do is do the best you can and take care of yourself and try to trust that everything will be ok. Good luck.


jessieb - June 23

venus said it best, don't put the cart before that horse. you can't worry about it. like anything in life, cross that bridge is you ever come to it.


Newline - June 23

Hi JessicaC - sorry to say that it is very common - opionions vary between 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 but that is for 1st pg. Less common for subsequent ones ! Unfortunately we lost a pregnancy a few weeks ago - I was only 6 weeks but I was really thrilled to be pg - ttc since Jan. I was heartbroken..however, I really think that it must have been for best in that case because obviously there was something just not right..difficult as it is to accept it. I was soooo worried when I found out I was pg and I was really worried about losing it..but guess what ? ...the worst happened..and we got through it..so next time I am not going to freak out because if it's going to happen, it will happen...and if it happens again..then we will just deal with it and get through it...so please don't get hung up on worrying about all that stuff...things will work out as they should and all will be well eventually ! Hope all goes well for you !


DownbutnotOUT - June 24

Hey JessicaC when I got preggers with my first 3 children i didnt have exactly a healthy lifestyle and ate the wrongs food. than I lost 50 ibs, got in shape, ate right and got pregnant and ended up m/c. Its a 1 in 4 or some say 1 in 5 chance of happening. Dont stress yourself over it its not good for little wee one. Take care


Emma2 - June 24

The chances of mscarrying are high for everyone. There is a 10-18% chance for everyone. Having a miscarriage in the 4 month is somewhat rare. Your chances decrease dramatically past 14 weeks (1st trimester) . Almost every pregnancy is lost due to chromosone abnormalities and there isnt a darn thing anyone can do about it, thats why its so frustrating! It was said to me by a dr. that "it is natures way of protecting humanity. " All you can do is hope for the best and continue to take of yourself. Think positive!


kittiekitten - June 25

I have personally lost 3 children so far, 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy. With my second pregnancy, I worried, but inside I think I knew something was wrong. With my 3rd I worried about it a lot and had a feeling something was wrong again, but tried to shrug it off. The best advice I can give is try not to worry, bc that is my biggest regret, not enjoying my pregnancies while they lasted.



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