Miscarriages Unknown

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Concerned - August 5

I think it's odd how I've read that of 1/2 of miscarriages the woman doesn't even know she had one. One month I had every symptom and then some and when AF came it was so heavy. Lots of us on here have experienced symptoms that are just too good, what if some of us have had miscarriages and never knew? Baby Dust


e - August 5

I have wondered about that too. I had a miscarriage and the next month I could have sworn I was pregnant-you know every symptom in the book. Then my period came and lasted about 8 days and had some tissue come out. My mominlaw said it was just because I had a miscarriage the month before-I believe it was a miscarriage.


Chriss - August 5

Hey ladies. I know what you girls mean. I've had two m/c's so far while trying for my first baby. I agree that many women have had m/c and may never had known it. The only reason that I knew the first one was an m/c is because I was 2 days late for af and took a test, it was positive and than two days later, I started to bleed, took another test and it was negative and all of the symptoms that I was having, disappeared. The second time I m/c'd, I was 8 weeks pregnant, that was pretty tough. But it really is more common that we know, it's that m/c's became one of those topics that you just didn't talk about and so we never knew if other women had m/c's or not. Women are beginning to talk about these things more and now we are realizing that there isn't actually something wrong with us, that it just happens and noone really knows why.


Patti - August 5

I think I just miscarried a blighted ovum. I had pg symptoms was late 2 weeks but tested BFN. I thought I had ovulated really late and that's why I got the BFN. I then did a blood test, again BFN and started AF. However, it was brown and very light. Last night I had labor type cramping and noticed a little more blood this morning. Then I pa__sed this big grey membrane thing. I swear it was the sac. My Dr. office said it was most likely my uterus lining because of the neg blood test, but I really think I was PG. I've been there 4 times and know the symptoms. Thanks for letting me share.


Chriss - August 5

Patti, that's exactly what happened to me the second time. I do sympathize with you and I know that it will happen for both of us again soon and this time, it will stick!!!



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