Missed 4 Pills And Cramping

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Josephine - December 19

I've missed four pills, 2 from wk 1 and 2 from wk2 all in a row. I made up all 4 on one day and then continued as usuall. I had s_x with bf a few days later. Three days after the s_x I started cramping on my right side which has continued now for a solid week. I've had headachs and slight stomach problems ... all occuring more towards the night then morning. My period is due in two days and I'm waiting to take my test untill the third day..thursday. I've had s_x several times through out this month after missing those pills. What I'm wondering is what are the chances that my missed pills may have caused me to ovulate? Is the cramping a pregnancy symptom or an ovulation symptom? Would it still last this long staying only on my right side? I'm scard and fighting the urge to take the test early. Looking for advice and simalar stories!


Josephine - December 19

Also... we had s_x the two nights before I missed the 4 pills....


bump - December 20



Christine - December 20

Missing the pills has almost definately messed up your cycle...even missing one pill usually will mess up a cycle...dont be surprised if af does not come when expected...There is a chance you concieved...how long have you been on the pill? Probably the longer the less chance at this point...if you just started it..well..then you should be using double protection for at least the first month of use...I would wait until your a week or two late to test..or you may just be waisting a whole bunch of $ on hpt's...good luck...and let us know how it goes.


josephine - December 20

i've been on bc for about a year, But I've switched brands 3 months ago because of a two week breakthrough bleeding. I've already wasted money on these tests..lol. I should just be patient and see if a miss my period. Yet still I'm cramping and that has me worried.


josephine - December 25

Update... well, I started what I think was my period a whole day early. But It wasn't as bloody and it only lasted 3 days. Still a little unsure now, I took one of those early tests before the dark brown bleeding started and it was neg. But surely I should be having a regular period right?


Melissa - December 25

The same thing happened to me two months ago except I missed more pills. My period was three days and really light. The next month i took all my pills on time and had a two day light period. Now ten or so days later I have seen pink to brown blood in discharge when I wipe. I have taken pregnancy test up until two weeks ago and all of them said negative. I believe that the cramping you are feeling is you ovulating. I ended up having cramps on my left side right before my period because when you miss pills you never know when your going to ovulate. I dont think you are pregnant. I think that missing pills messed up your cycle. If you are still concerned keep taking test every week or so. I dont know what to think about this spotting. I have never had breakthrough bleeding before.


Melissa - December 26

Also, if the bleeding is implantation bleeding your results would not be positive for 7-10 days. Keep us posted!



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