Missed My BCP Now I Am Feeling Um Please Read

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Mrs To Be - March 24

Okay, so, I was on week 1 of my BCP, and came Saturday, I went ot with a friend to do some wedding shopping. When we were out, I did the "oh no, forgot my pill" thing. So as soon as I got home, went and checked to make sure I forgot to take the pill and when I opened my pack, Sat was missing. BUT, so was Sundays????? I have no receollection AT ALL of taking those pills, and why would I think I forgot to take Sat, and Sat AND Sun was gone????? I told my fiance right away that I had no pills for the 2 days and what do I do? He suggested start taking the pills on Monday again when I have the next pill. (not thinking at all of the reprocutions, Oh and I have been on BCP for 6 years now) We decided to do some playing around, and ended up doing the deed 2ce, that same day and the next morning. 5-6 days after I missed pill number one, I started spotting, but it was browner than I ever rememebre it being. It lasted about the same time as aunt flow would normally, but it was lighter if I do remember correctly. So after I took a whole week after I missed the pill I decided to go talk to my pharmacist and ask what to do, she suggested throwing this pack away and starting another. I am done the 1st week now, but still spotting, only a teeny bit, about 1 or 2 times a day, only when I wipe after using the washroom/; I got quesy yesterday after work after eating lunch. The smell of the food made me nauseous. I felt sick all night off and on. This morning I woke up, wiped and had a faint trace of brown. didnt really feel sick untikl I came to work, nothing major like i feel I am going to be sick, but quesy all the same. So in total, since my missed pills, this is a time frame of 13 days. am I making too much of this? My belly almost feels gassy as well, juststarted yesterday, and I feel bloated. Could I be coming down with something? Am I making a huge thing out of nothing? What do I do? Even fiance asked me the last 2 days are you sure you are not pregnant? Thought I would post a question, as I think it is maybe too soon to get tested, and I am getting married in 5 months, and suposedly going for a small stagetter this weekend..... Thanks.....


Jena - March 24

You could be pregnant - you have some signs. But most likely you are just experiencing break-thru bleeding from missing 2 pills. When I was on the pill and missed 2 in a row, I'd bleed and/or get my period early. The thing to be careful about is being on the pill and possibly being pregnant - the pill is horrible for a fetus - so I would recommend testing now just to make sure !!! Good luck!


Mrs To Be - March 24

I can test this early?


bean - March 24

Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Mrs-to-Be! You must be going crazy just wanting to know what's going on!!! I feel for you. I'm certainly no doctor, but, if I were in your boat, I'd stop taking all your pills, not having any unprotected s_x, and just wait until your next period. Then start a fresh pack as you usally do after your period. I know it sucks, and may take a while to get your period again, but better be safe than sorry. You may be feeling queasy, bloated, ga__sy, and all that due to the missed pills and messed up hormone levels. Then again, you MAY as well be pg... so maybe abstain from alcohol and medications until your next period as well. If you wait a couple weeks, and your body doesn't seem to self-regulate, definitely take a pg test! Best of luck to you! And congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!!!



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