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layla - April 9

ok, i've never been more than a week late. and this month i'm too weeks late. i was having c__pms and backaches, like i was about to start, and then they just quit. i took a home pregnancy test and it came out neg. i took another one a few days later, and neg. again. but it's been 2 weeks and nothing. is it normal to skip a period and not be pregnant? could the tests be wrong? i'm not having sign of pregnancy. what's wrong with me?


SJ - April 9

I was in the same boat you are in two years ago. I am not regular, however, but I never skipped a period (63 days between cycles). I had high hopes, went to the dr. The pg test came back negative and he had to give me some medication to bring on my period. He had to answer as to why it happens. Now I am experiencing certain pg symptoms, and my last period was on Feb 19th. I don't want to test because I feel I am getting my hopes up! You have any info for me?


layla - April 9

i know how u feel. i HATE taking a test, on for it to come out neg. but the sooner u do it, the less ur hopes get up. so, take one. my mom said that some women have to take a blood test. the urine test didn't work for her.


Tina - April 9

Layla, I too have always been like clockwork but this month am now 8 days overdue. Have taken 3 hpt tests and all neg. had some strange cramps the last few days but gone now - puzzled too????Been ttc for 3 years now so trying not to get hopes up but its driving me to distraction.


ghinn8 - April 11

i guess we're all in the same boat here. i had my last menstruation 24th of feb. i'm delayed upto now (it's the 12th of april). i had 3 hpt test, all negative. i had common pg symptoms during the week before i'm suppose to have my mens. i used to take birth control pills but stopped in january. i'm confused if it's possible that i'm pg now. i'm considering going to the doctor next week.


Diane - April 12

I missed my period for two weeks, I am feeling sleepy alot of the times and eating a great lots of food. Am I pregnant?


allie - April 14

I also am 6 days late and usually never late. I took 2 hpt and both negative. I don't want a blood test for nothing so I'm going to wait it out for a few more days. It's so hard just waiting!


ds - April 30

i am going throught the same thing, i am never late. I was supposed to get it on the 26th. I have cramping pms symptoms but they go away. i don't understand.


Leanne - May 1

ghinn8 did you go to the Dr? what did they say?


Bloosom - May 1

I am also 2 weeks late and all neg tests im tryng to wait it out to see if its something mental but i have the sympstoms......



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